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First ride on the Twisties

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BLABBUS TOOLICUS, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Tomorrow is a big day for me,its going to be my first ride on twisties.
    Any advice is welcome.
    Normally its coffee and a durrie.
    Im a bit uncertain how all the food additives will affect me.
    Do I need to take extra with me,in case the effect wears off.
    Water or electrolite.

    Im in four dilemnas-a quandary even.

  2. Muesli bars!

    And don't forget to nod.
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  3. i know in extreme circumstances mouth has agreed to change people's user names...

    I wonder if this post justifies renaming The Blab to Blabbus Trollicus?
  4. Just eat the Twisties, that oughta do it for you.
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  5. Huh ?
  6. Curried lentils. Guarantees you'll get home in the fastest possible time.
  7. Don't farken crash farken.....
  8. when you approach a corner... try to go around it
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  9. Here you go, this is what you need to get started

    Attached Files:

  10. Make sure you go when there is maximum glare.
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  11. You'll need to take something to keep your drinks cool...

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  12. just remeber brakes are for pussys
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  13. Not on hill starts
  14. why would you need to hill start f@ck stoping
  15. I like to stope
  16. I assume you're on a LAMs bike? Baked beans will give you the necessary extra thrust for the straights.
  17. Real men eat Burger rings and Drink ginger beer,And Do not worry about marked lines . they are like the suggested speed limit`s.


    If you don`t know the road, ride a good % under your potential
  18. i don't like stoping it wastes fuel
  19. dont get put off by the guys that blast past you at warp velocity.....
  20. you know the guys on the side of the road that seem to be holding up a 1990's video camera out infront of them...they are a group of home movie maker's....make their day mate, go as fast as you can past them....they'll get in touch with you eventually and you can get a copy of the footage if your lucky !
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