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First ride on the road - think i've broken my fuel line

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matressking, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Well, picked up my Across today. Took it from my mates place to mine. Was doing great, took a detour for some practice and was out for about an hour.

    Then stopped at a steep hill at lights, stalled about a million times so wheeledof to the side *shame* to call my friend and see if he had any tips. got back on bloody thing wont start, prob the battery.

    so im not far from home and i wheel it back, and just as i turned on to my street the bike starts to lean and because im so tired from pushing, it gets away from me BANG

    So i pick it up and wheel it to outside the house and notice that where ive dropped it there is a puddle about twice the size of my hand. i look at the bottom side of the bike and there are some small black tubes that look likethey used to be attached to each other and now, well, arent.

    It smells like gas so im thinking its the fuel line. how much would it cost to get this fixed? could i do it myself?

  2. 1) It's quite common to get a small amount of fuel on the ground when drop a bike.
    2) Hoses are only push fit - if you're lucky they might have a clamp securing them in place. Definitely something you can reattach yourself - provided you're 100% sure you're connecting the hose to the right place. If it's on the bottom of the bike there's a possibility it could be a drain or overflow line and not supposed to be connected to anything
  3. Are there 2 lines running from your tank to your motor? Could just be the vacum line has popped off.
  4. looking at it closer it seems like there are actually two lines running from the back of the bike towards the front that are hanging down. a thin one and a thicker one.

    what do you mean by push-fit?

    when you said it's common to get some fuel on the ground when you drop a bike, where does it come from?
  5. The fuel comes from the overflows on the carbs - they rely on gravity so when you tip them over fuel tends not to go where it's supposed to.
    Push fit means you simply push the hose on - no fancy tools are needed (but a hose clamp is a good idea to keep it there).
    Don't know how the unusual fuel setup on an Across works so can't help with what the hoses might be.
  6. +1 on that one.

    Possibly those tubes attach nowhere and they are meant to hang down.

    When/if you loosen the drain screw on the carb float bowl, the fuel in the bowl drains out a little tube that directs it down to under the bike so it doesn't just splash onto the engine. So check if one of the tubes leads to the bottom of the carb float bowl.

    I think the other tube is something similar.
  7. My GSF250 has 2 lines from the fuel tap to the engine. The larger of the 2 is the supply line, and the other, "I THINK" is a vacum line. Without the a vacum line attached fuel will not get to engine as it's gravity fed and requires assistance.

    I may be totally wrong, but meh, I am only trying to help.
    Check that 2 lines are coming from you tank. And both are connected to the motor.
  8. Close but not quite. The second line is a vacuum line - but that operates a rubber diaphragm which acts as an on/off switch (ie fuel only flows when the engine is running). Lesser bikes, like Hondas, require you to manually turn the fuel tap to ON.
    It does not help suck the fuel through to the engine, in fact at sustained running at maximum throttle a 250 Bandit will actually starve for fuel and die after a few minutes (you do not need to know how I know this :-w ).
  9. i reckon the two hoses you speak of, are overflow hoses.
    i also reckon, that when your bike was having a lay down, it emptied it's carbs, and possibly a little from the tank overflow....whick flows out of these overflow hoses.
    but that's just what i reckon.
  10. hi guys, cheers for all the help. feel like a real idion not knowing whats going on with my bike.

    i've taken a few photos this morning:

    this shows the two lines going from the back of the bike to the front. I've pulled them down a little to show them clearer


    this shows the one more towards the front of the bike:

  11. i'm also just downloading the workshop manual to see what i can see.

    do you guys reckon i could do it any harm by kickstarting it tonight to get the battery charged up?
  12. At a guess they look like drain hoses (carb overflow, radiator overflow, battery overflow, whatever) given the one with the cap over the end is the airbox drain (FYI good idea to take the cap off every now and then in case there's fluid that needs to be drained).
    I wouldn't go leaving that thin one resting against the exhaust manifold though.
  13. I did the same thing as you, dropped my bike while pushing it up a driveway, and found a small puddle of fuel after I picked it back up. I thought a fuel line had come loose but it turned out that the fuel leaked out of the top, even with the cap shut and locked.
  14. done and done. i'll roll start her tomorrow and hopefully all will be ok!

    thanks again!