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First Ride on the Road - OMFG - Now the hills

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Slevin, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Got home, zip tied the plate on cos the bolt holes don't line up.... Then jumped on.

    Went for a ride around the block and to a car park to get comfortable. No problems.
    Decided to do a dry run of the short trip to work tomorrow(<5mins). Not too many cars, no problems. Only forgot to cancel the indicator a couple of times and no moments. Really enjoyed it.

    Got home, sat down, stood up, got a drink, started pacing. Felt strangely shaky, burning off adrenalin.

    How did everyone else go on their first ride?

    Damn it certainly makes you feel alive.
  2. That’s the addiction, you will never get over it :cool:
    There is only one thing to calm the nerves now, go and ride :grin: :grin:
  3. i still get that feeling.......... :grin:
  4. Hi Slevin, what part of Australia are you in? I'm currently on my L's going for my restricted license on Monday. What bike do you have and are you on your full license?

    I'm probably doing the wrong thing by going for my license when not even riding on the road on my L's due to no bike. I guess the first time I get into the thick of traffic I'll get a bit nervous. :oops:
  5. I'm in East Melbourne for the moment, have to find another share house. I got my L's the end of last year and went looking for a bike in the new year, found this great little blue spada, got it checked over and bought it.

    Yeah, I'd go for another ride, but it is already dark. I'm wondering what it will be like with a few more cars around tomorrow.

    Good luck with your test on Monday nightgash!
  6. Thanks Slevin, my three months is over since also doing my L's late last year at HART so I thought I might as well get the test over with. The Spada looks cool, I am trying to save up around $4000 to get a nice 250 or road trail bike and some proper riding gear. You would only have a bit longer to go until your three months are up?
  7. Yeah, not long to go but I hope to gain a bit more experience before I do my test.

    I've heard a few people say it and it makes sense. Buy good riding gear then buy the bike with the change.

    Did you go to HART Kilsyth or Tullamarine? I went to Kilsyth, great bunch of guys there.
  8. i couldnt wait as soon as i got home from work the day i sat the L's theory test i went straight home thinking that i was time my brand new gs500f got some k's on it, just rode around town for about 2 hours loved it, rode to work the next day then out to dinner, rarely been off it since, and get my unrestricted license in just over a week
  9. Ah you have to love that first ride on a road.
    I don't count the test ride around the estate, but the day of the pickup, riding it over to my mates that had run me over there, being in traffic, taking it on the highway, the wind, the noise, the freedom....

    You never really lose that feeling, somedays you may feel it more than others, but there is nothing better.....
  10. i never got to pick my bike up as i got it 2 days before my pre-learners my old man took it up to 10km's lol
  11. I went to HART Tullamarine. I really enjoyed the day. There were a few stacks too! Someone on a scooter another bike. Gotta love the CB250 :twisted: I thought it was a bit gutless actually compared to my dads trials bike. Didn't get to open it up as the sign said I could get booked? What was that all about?
  12. the testing ranges have a 30km/h speed limit if you exceed that limit you are breaking the law and would also fail the course
  13. The day I collected the bike from the dealer I was both excited and terrified. :shock: I rode around the back streets behind the dealership, practicing my turns, braking, gear changes etc for about an hour before heading out onto the larger roads. I went to a nearby footy ground carpark where I practiced some more. A mate had offered to meet me there and ride home with me. That turned out to be a great move. He rode behind me and shielded me from the afternoon traffic which gave me a little breathing space. Not sure I actually breathed though!! Think I held my breath all the way home! We stopped a few times on the side of the road to discuss my progress: he had a few great tips.

    Riding safely into the driveway at home was a personal milestone. Practiced for the first couple of weeks only at quiet times to get my confidence. Took a few months before I could get on the bike without feeling nervous. Even now, some 12 months later, I still get excited when I get the bike out. Not so much of the nerves now, but a guarded confidence and a sure knowlege of the absolute fun and thrill of it all :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Lucky I live out in the country where there is little traffic and wide open roads.
  15. Nice post Slevin. Exactly how I felt. Bloody good eh! :grin:
  16. I went and picked my bike up from the shop, done a few laps around the big car parking area and out onto the road with all the traffic.

    Have to be honest and say that i was crapping myself a bit but a few k's down the road and with a mate close behind in the car made me relax a little.

    Got home all safe and sound, nothing like that feeling of pulling up the driveway for the first time.

    Half hour of looking over the bike and i was back out again. Cant seem to get enough now. :)
  17. Yup! i know how you feel... had my first ride on my bike yesterday and i STILL have the biggest grin on my face! Can't wait to get home from work today and go for another ride :twisted:

    Best feeling ever
  18. It never goes away. If your lucky you get the same buzz every time you add to your experience. Isn't it great.
  19. oh yeah absolutley awesome everytime! my missus lives in the hills and every time i go up there its the same road but its different everytime and always a thrill to lean the bike over through those great twisties!

    goin for my licence soon cant wait to get rid of the L and head back to the hills :grin:
  20. Been riding to work the last couple of days. Been great. The straight roads and stop lights don't make for the most interesting of journeys though. I'm looking forward to finding somewhere more interesting.

    Going around an empty carpark at 20-30 kms doesn't really let you get a feel for leaning. Got to find some corners to chase. Thinking about a gentle run out of the city somewhere. Just got to be careful not to push my limits (too much ;)) Got to find a hwy too, see what speeds above 60km/hr are like.