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first ride on the new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hph, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. I finally managed to take new bike around the block after picking it up last thursday. All nerves at first but managed to settle down after a few mins :grin:

    The vt250c certainly feels a lot different to riding the cb250s at learners :grin:
  2. .. and as long as you keep the attitude of learning something every time you ride, you should go forth and prosper :)
  3. Congrats hph on getting out there. Practice makes perfect.
  4. Well done HPH, thats one ride gone, do more and keep those 3 seconds survival space and always scan your surrounding. Im only been riding for 7 months now, only part time rider, maybe I ride 3 times a week. I talked to myself while I scan, once you do that your subconscious mind will kick start and will do it for you automatically.
  5. All the best HPH. :wink:
  6. First ride in traffic

    Had my first ride in traffic this afternoon on hume hwy :) and am feeling a lot more confident now. Couple of quick stops when cars cut in without warning and some ME boys in their fully sick car asking if I wanted to drag :roll: . A few riders went past in the opp direction and gave friendly nods, but I was too busy concentrating to acknowledge sorry :oops: :grin:
  7. congrats hph - i've only ridden on my local highway a couple of times.....scary but great accomplishment.
  8. Well done hph. Keep your 3 second gap, watch the road around you and adjust to to the conditions.
    Enjoy the ride.
  9. congrats hph. keep on practicing, stay safe and enjoy :cool:
  10. well done hth, stay safe :)