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First ride on the Black Spur for me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by icecoffee71, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. Just want to let my fellow Netriders know that I have ridden the Black Spur for the first time on my GPX today.

    The weather was glorious, the road was great and I had a great time. I kept to my lane and was able to keep close to the speed limit without endangering myself or others, lol.

    I have been riding since the 6th May 2008, when I bought the GPX from a friend. I have ridden over 5,000 km since then, including the Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd more than once, and Chum Creek Road, as well as my commute to work from Preston to Abbotsford.

    I did wish I had a helmet cam mounted to record the glory of the Black Spur, next time I will, yay! I would have taken some photos but I was enjoying the ride too much to stop.

  2. good on ya.
    next stop reefton. :grin:
  3. so gealous.
    i do the healsville-kinglake almost every day at the moment as i quit work, im no rossi or stoner but im getting better!
    but yet to get to the spur, mainly coz i have no one to ride with.
    if your going again let me know id be very keen to tag along.
  4. yay for you.woohoo!
    i just moved from sydney and the twisties are far and few between here.
    wo is me...
  5. mate i live in croydon, so if u want some one to ride with on a nice day, jus PM me and well go out 4 a day.
  6. The Black Spur is a bewdiful piece of road for a bike...they ruined it with the 80k limit, but it's enough to still be able to work on your technique.

  7. I had the same fkkin thought when I did the Spurs for the first time...how i wished i had a helm cam !!!! :p

    Let me know when you guys are going again, and I might join in too.

    I was thinking of doing a Rifton-Marysville-Spurs-Healesville ride some time soon :)
  8. Wow talk about getting it all arse about…
    After doing Kinglake, the spur will be pretty easy
    Good to hear you are enjoying what you are doing
  9. I've heard about this "Black Spur" before. Where is it exactly? anyone have any pics of the road?
  10. A few pics 2 of the SPUR hav a look @


    this isnt me by the way :shock:


  11. Go for a spin to Cairns and you will find mad twisties up there.
  12. I have been accused of getting things all arse about before, all I can say in my defence, is that I'm no beige person, lol.

    I originally rode the Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd because it was fairly close to Preston, well, closer than the Black Spur and it looked interesting on the Melways Map :grin:
  13. There's always the road up to Mount Stuart....... :wink: