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First ride on new bike. What a laugh!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MRSeBUNNY, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. #1 MRSeBUNNY, Apr 29, 2016
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    So it official.. I got my new bike (Beauty) home yesterday evening and couldnt wait for the day to end so I could get home and take her for a ride.
    Still on my L's i waited patiently for my two experienced girlfriends to show up to support me on my first ride.
    I am going for my RE's tomorrow and wanted to get some practice in so I was ready.
    The girls showed up and was a rocky start for me.... I have never riden a cruiser before and the adrenaline was pumping.
    After doing a few laps in around my local Streets we stopped for a chit chat to discuss how I was going and to see if anyone had any tips. Myself and one of my friends didnt think and left out bikes turned on and not running... yep you guessed it... flat.
    So after the three off us push started the bikes (lesson number one learnt.. turn your bike off while having a C.W.A meeting) we head back to my place to discuss a plan of action as i was feeling comfortable and ready to go for a real ride.. plan in place we were on our way.
    We are heading down the straight I go through a green light, my friend following goes through and orange light and the friend at the back goes through the orange ans then it turns red.
    I look in my mirrors and i see flashing lights.
    I pull over with my friend who was behind me and we realise i didnt have my L plates on.
    As the friend who was pulled over was a fair distance away from us we decided it best to head home.
    When our friend turned up to my house she advised that she recieved a 353 dollar fine for going through an amber light.
    The police had informed my friend they had received a complaint about motorbikes doing laps of the street. She explained I was a learner and needed practise.... looks like this new rider has caused quiet the kerfuffle ahhahaha


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  2. Lol, aaaaaaah well, at least you know how it works on two wheels now!
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  3. Nice bike, fcuking wanker cop
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  4. G'day MRSeBUNNYMRSeBUNNY. Congratulations for your recent nuptials, Learner rider licence and first motorcycle! You're ticking a lot of things off in short order, very impressive. Good luck going for your RE licence tomorrow and hopefully the next ride with your friends is a little less dramatic.
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  5. congrats on the new bike :) good luck for your RE.
    Post pics of the bike when you can
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    Good luck today. Next ride will be more adventurous and hopefully without a chat to the boys in blue.
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  7. Nice ride and good luck with your RE's
    If it was me I would do laps to celebrate lol
    Have fun riding and watch out for all the wankers on the road ☺
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  8. Thank you... i have attached a pic of my new bike in the original post.. check her out she is beautiful... fingers crossed for today
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  9. Well done, good luck today.
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  10. I passed yay!!!
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  11. Thank you PeonyPeony im wet your pant excited hahaha
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  12. Congratulations, another tick! :]
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  13. Now i just need to find more people to ride with...
  14. Congratulations!!
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  15. I really want to say "pics or it didn't happen" but no I'll bite my tongue :angelic:.
    Well done on passing and the good thing is the learning curve becomes even steeper from now on ;), enjoy.
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  16. I remember the feeling too well :woot::ROFLMAO:
    Well done MRSeBUNNYMRSeBUNNY (y)!! Congrats on marriage, passing the test and getting a gorgeous ride! Learn and have fun, you'll have no trouble finding a riding buddy methinks :whistle:
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  17. Congratulations on passing MRSeBUNNYMRSeBUNNY . Carry on! :happy:
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  18. Congrats :) :)
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  19. Been sitting on my bike day dreaming like a weirdo hahahah. Have to wait till tuesday to go to the transport department to add the RE.
    The kids have been having fun though hahahaha (see pic all sitting on my bike)
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