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first ride on my zzr

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by quixotic, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. first ride on my own bike this morning (followed by a superviser in a car). Can i just say the zzr was a pleasure to ride compared to the cb250 i've been riding at qride lessons! Didn't have too much trouble although i had another driver cut lanes right in front of me again.

    But the best bit was that i got 2 nods from other riders :D now i feel like a real rider, can't wait to get my skills up so i can head out to the hills (montville and maleny).

    Are there any other new riders up my way (sunny coast, noosa)?


    E x :grin:
  2. Enjoy and stay safe.
  3. My first bike was a 96 zzr250. was a great bike. Watch out for those cars!
  4. Yep, first bike was also a zzr. Was a good bike till it got killed by a car.

    Good bikes and one of the best lookin 250's i reckon. You'll have a ball.
  5. the first ride is always the sweetest after youve waited soo long for it

    hell even a week feels like a year

    take care and have fun
  6. I'm on a 2002 zzr, they are sexy :)

    Have fun :D
  7. glad you enjoyed your first ride :)

    my first ride(of my bike) was just after i got my L's, mum didnt apporve of the bike thing and didint even know i had a bike stashed at a mates house, she agreed to take me to the test and pick me up, then freaked out when i got her to detour to my mates place and there was my bike all shiny! (sort of lol)

    rode home with the biggest (slash sacred and anxious) smile on my face lol.

    enjoy the bike :)
  8. Enjoy your zzr and keep your eyes out for more of those idiots who love to cut in front of bikes... there are plenty of them out there. :)
  9. Have fun.

    I just started riding as well (1992 zzr250).
  10. Hope you enjoy your zzr as much as i enjoy mine, stay safe.
  11. thanks guys, look forward to seeing you out on the road,

    e x
  12. Isn't that the truth.!! :grin: They are a great learner bike !!

    Well at least now you know how we feel all the time ... when you ridiing, even just a quicky around town, it is awsome but you just want to get out in the hills and really go for it, and when you arent riding, you just spend your time thinking about how much fun it was, and can't wait to go again .... kind of like great sex really :grin:

    Have fun with it, stay safe, and practise practise practise ... :grin:
  14. Hey quixotic, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself so much. I had 2 ZZR250's, a '93 and a '99. They're a great bike to learn on and will not let you down. Take your time before getting into the twisties and make sure you ride within your limits. That's the best way to learn and therefore to extend those limits.

    Most of all, keep it rubber side down and have fun :grin:
  15. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay go the kwaka patrol........ there's a lot of zzr lovers around isn't there??
  17. I had a great time learning on my zzr250s ! I bought mine brand new in 05 and a lady running a red light took care of that one (I wasn't injured though). Her insurance bought me a brand new one (blue 06) and I had that till I sold it just recently.

    They are a great bike and I (seriously) recommend looking both ways at intersections before taking off at a green light.

    Twisties are sections of road with lots of corners in my book. I don't get my knee down anywhere on public roads (or tracks either so far lol).
  18. congrats, and ride safe :)