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First ride on my new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rookie41, May 5, 2015.

  1. 2 weeks since filling out the first paperwork to buy my first bike but I finally picked it up today.
    Partly delayed due to the storm we had the day after I filled out the initial paperwork I got the keys to my brand new Suzuki Inazuma 250 this afternoon!

    I was so happy to be able to ride it home today after a pretty hectic 2 days of dealing with the insurance company and the bank for my loan.

    The first ride was a 35 minute trip from Newcastle city to my home.
    Near peak hour traffic but a wonderful sunshine!

    I have to say I was very nervous as I had not had a chance to ride this bike before (only sat on it a few times during the last few weeks).
    But all went well, the first 10 minutes was stop-start low speed traffic so I was able to get used to braking, shifting and taking off properly.
    The later half of the trip had a long 80 km/h zone in it but I got nearly every traffic light on my way home so it was great! Not easy to follow the engine break in procedure on your first ride home ... but I managed to follow it pretty closely.

    After an hours break at home I went out again for my second ride, this time in the dark (yep, can't avoid it so better to get into it from day 1 ! )
    There was very very little traffic in town and I had a blast riding thru all the 50-60 zones with the entire road for myself. Shifting up and down thru the gears, plenty engine breaking and some low speed maneuvers around the roundabout finished my first day.

    I was thinking of going for a late night trip after dinner but decided to call it a day.
    Tomorrow will be sunny again! Can't wait till work's finished!
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  2. Good to hear you have your new bike. Looking at the Newcastle forecast for the next week it looks like you will have good weather and little chance of rain so get out and enjoy yourself,
  3. There is nothing like it. Enjoy :)
  4. Congrats mate!
    Gotta love the first ride, good mix of excitement/anticipation/pants-shitting all in one haha!

    My pre-learners course was the very first time I ever properly sat on a motorbike & I hadn't ridden a bicycle since I was in primary school haha so the first ride home was extra nervous for me. Now I ride everyday & can't get enough of it.

    I remember all my midnight rides around the local industrial complex to get my riding skills up. In fact I might go for a quick spin right now :hilarious:
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  5. congrats on getting your bike :)
  6. Nothing like a baptism of fire on a new bike. Congratulations. Stay safe and enjoy.
  7. congrats on the new bike - enjoy the riding and definitely take advantage of some great roads close to you
  8. Congratulations - time to post a pic :)
  9. Excellent news... enjoy the sun and the bike!!
  10. Congratulations. The Newcastle forecast is nothing but sunshine and nice temperatures for the next week -- and I have a few days off, so might see you around. ;)
  11. That's really a big thing "The First Bike" well done. Look after your self by taking it easy and enjoying your ride. My advice if you get uncomfortable in any way, correct it. All the Best and Ride well.
  12. Good onya! Get out there and enjoy it!
  13. Nice selection of bike too. Well done! Enjoy!
  14. congrats on ya ride enjoy & stay safe
  15. You never forget your first time.

    Welcome to the fold.
  16. Awesome. Enjoy the new and shiny. Nothing like a new bike to make you world seem good.
  17. good stuff, ride safe and enjoy!
  18. (y) Welcome to the world of constantly coming up with any excuse to go for a spin and taking an extra hour to get home from work because you are compelled to take the long way everywhere you go from now on! Enjoy every second of it mate!
    "Free at last...thank God I'm free at last!"
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