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First Ride on L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mon_4u2c, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    I had my first ride on my L's yesterday afternoon and to be honest i was comfortable at going 40km's - i am guessing as i have more practice i can go faster? also is it normal to be nervous for a ride especially when your learning and haven't really meet with alot of cars yet (ie. sets of lights etc...) how did you over come this??

  2. All natural, just keep riding and everything will fit into place.

    Where in sydney are you? It would be good to get someone to ride/drive with you to keep the cars off your ass.
  3. Thanks

    I am in the bankstown area and so far (well as of yesterday) i've just been going around the block a few times and doing some turns in a parking lot - i am hoping if i do this every day for at least 1hr i should be able to get more confidence to hitting the main streets? usually how long does this take? should i be riding longer? or twice a day?
  4. my first ride was around the block and in a carpark near my house. Was out there for about two hours before i started braving busier roads (anzac pde). Took 4 days of 1 - 2 hours before i went on the famed "L platers northern trip" which was bloody fast!!! Gave me a lot more confidence in my bike and cornering skills though!! Started riding to work the very next day, and havn't stopped since!
  5. You'll get used to the speed, it feels different without a windscreen :)

    I found I wasn't nervous, but I'd had road experience so it wasn't a huge change. Do you have your car license? As to getting over lots of cars, it didn't phase me but just concentrate on staying out of blind spots and doing the 'I see, it could, I will' crap to stay safe. Practice makes perfect.
  6. Umm yeah you could try to ride around in a quiet areas try a few different blocks just build up to it slowly.

    My first day riding i spent 1 hour riding about and went straight into peak hour traffic in a quiet neighoubr hood to vist a friend.....never did that again until i learnt to ride.
  7. I was the same when i first started on a motorbike. I used to get huge rushes when i pinned the throttle open. When you first ride you feel a bit naked being exposed to the wind and environment. This is one of the best things about motorbikes I believe. :grin:

  8. My first ride was riding the bike home along some fairly busy roads from the dealer. It was a bit scary to start with. I changed lanes as little as possible early on in the piece. My second ride was for 3.5 hours. Just stick to what you're comfortable with. I got comfortable at 60-80km/h (the limits posted on most of the roads around me) before I went any faster (freeway).

    If you can get another rider to tail you when you're starting off then take up that offer. There's two reasons for that. They can give you some pointers after watching you and you can focus a little more on what's beside and in front of you and worry a little less what/who is directly behind you. Happy riding. :)
  9. Great thanks for the postive comments guys! i'll be going on another ride this afternoon and i'll get someone to follow me in a car...i do have my own car licence i just think i am more scared of stopping and taking off again i need more practice to do this alot more quickly i think

    cheers again

  10. take it at your own pace and you'll be fine :)

    best advice i can give is Don't Panic
  11. G'day,
    My first ride was on the way to the mechanics through Botany Road >.< had no choice there haha!

    If you want I can come over to Bankstown someday to say hello and we could go for a short ride. I usually have too much free time.
  12. :) I rode around my own neighbourhood solidly for a month before I even went out on the road. It was great to get a feel for the whole thing in the quiet part of the day and practise all those stops, starts and cornering without
    the pressure of traffic and what not.

    Then when I was ready a friend came out on the 'big road' with me to keep the cars off my ass and it was great to learn a lot from her by following and watching what she did.

    take your time, enjoy it and you will know when you are ready to go outside your own hood.
  13. congrats dude. im a new rider my self, the only advice i can offer is dont panic thinking about others. for example, when stopped at lights id be thinking, will they beep me if i stall, what if im too slow and they overtake blah blah.

    just do your own thing.

    also, i found that the 70/80 km/h roads were easy. but when i was on the 50km/h inner streets it was tougher due to constant stop starts, small roundabouts, narrow roads and lots of street junctions

    good luck with the rest of your riding !
  14. my first ride (wasn't even a month ago) was from inner city Melbourne, the dealership, down queen street (took around 20 mins in traffic) to my gf's workplace in south melb. She then tailed me in the cage as i went down the freeway.

    I pulled into the todd road servo and had a chat with her as i didn't realise the wind would be so bad, and it was hitting me in the face. Then i went over the westgate and home (altona north) i dont think i exceeded 80km/h. That was mostly because i was too afraid, but also i keep thinking that i need to run the bike in properly.
  15. i started fanging the bike as soon as i could, but im an idiot.

    take it at your own pace...quiet streets is a good start. then move into light suburban traffic with round-a-bouts and such...extend your usual learning route each time you go out and add a few new streets.
  16. Sounds a lot like my first ride. I remember thinking SH## imust be going over the limit and then checking the speedo and i was only doing about 40. :LOL: .It will come together in time and practice.
  17. Yeah and was always checking the rev because the bike sounded too loud at 6K RPM. Now 12K isn't enough and I must be careful not to over-rev it :-(
  18. need...more...speed...louder...pipes *wheeeeeeeeeee*
  19. I can remember my first ride after getting my L's, I took it to work!!!

    First mistake straight away was leaving the fuel tap off and running out of juice as I turned at a T intersection. But after that first day of dodgyness, it was a cinch after that. Always checked everything worked before taking off.

    Started riding all the time, for no reason at all other than to ride (beats watching TV). Met up with work colleagues with bikes and started to go on the interstate runs the back way, some great scenery let me tell ya...
  20. my first ride was off kawa dealer in the city, to my suburb which is 25 km away, passing 70km zone wearing t shirt and felt fragile :LOL: