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First ride on a cruiser

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HeavyNinja, May 4, 2016.

  1. well I left my ninja at kawasaki and took the vstar they had. I am using it till monday. I am testing it for my mrs as she needs a bike.

    Just riding to the servo I missed my ninja. The clutch on this is too light, the brakes are either on or off and I feel like a bloody giant on it, I am not used to 5 gears a choke etc, but it goes fast enough for my mrs to cruise on it. Perfect for my mrs as she is short. Maybe I shoulda asked to take a vulcan instead hahahahahahaha.

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  2. My condolences
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  3. a mate and I went for a ride on Anzac Day and we swapped bikes, I rode his 2002 K1200 and he rode my fatboy. he loved the cruiser and had never ridden one before despite being a rider for many years. the 1200 was a lot of fun also.
  4. Thanks. My back is killing me. The thing is spine jarring. Will see if there is adjustment somewhere, might be too soft for my weight. There are things I like about it, but I will take my ninja back. Not sure I will make it till monday on this, might get my bike back before the weekend.
  5. So it's OK for the misses to have a compromise bike. I hope she is not a NR member, because when she sees this.......
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  6. I told myself I'd shop around for my next bike, including trying some different types of nakeds, muscles, even cruisers.

    Then I bought another Daytona...
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  7. Not compromising anything. She wants a cruiser and short of dropping 8-10k on a vulcan, there are not many cruiser lams. I just took it for a quick spin round the street in my pyjamas before I put it away. Now I am used to the feel of it, it was not too bad, I think it will be fine for her. I got it up to 110 earlier on, yeah it felt like a vibrator but it still had puff left.
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  8. Well that post probably saved your marriage!:p

    My misses hardly acknowledges my ride, so you're doing OK if your lady rides.
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  9. That post may have saved his marriage, but if it feels like a vibrator...................:whistle:
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  10. Yep. He has been replaced by a cruiser.
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  11. I believe you've just ended his marriage... :p
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  12. Hahahahaha that is ok, I told her it felt like a vibrator so she will prob enjoy it at 110 much more than me. No shame in this house.
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  13. Ahem....now for a bit of serious. I'm a short a$$ too, so I didn't have many options when starting out. I remember being a bit upset about the lack of choice, so good on her for knowing what she wants. It's a bit hard when you're short. Hope she's very happy with it and it's great that you will have a riding buddy. :happy:
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  14. We will see he told me she could ride it but not sure if he remembered she is on her l's and as my ninja is currently collateral, she won't be getting on the bike, apart from sitting on it wheeling it about. I think he was happy to let me take it for a week, poor bike had 80km on the odometer and I know it has been in the shop a few months.
  15. yes, but how did he know???... :confused:
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  16. If I could afford it she would get a vulcan.
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  17. Well it pulled me up a hill in 5th from 60kph, not fast but it did, so don't think there will be any issues at 110 with my wife on it. Sadly her mum found out she is getting a bike and started the guilt trip to try and control her grown daughter from getting a bike. Sent a msg this morning saying thanks for no sleep etc, ao this will be fun times.
  18. An XV250 is NOT a cruiser, cruisers have lots of torque down low in the rev range and don't need to be revved hard to go. What the XV250 is is a cruiser styled learner bike and judging cruisers by it is giving you a misleading impression of them.

    IMO the smallest real cruiser is the Yamaha XV650 and even that is compromised by it's lack of engine capacity.
  19. What !! that's really unfair what a ............

    and the 250 wont have an issue at 110
  20. I am on my L's and have the 650 V-Star and I really enjoy it. Bit bumpy sometimes, but to be expected. I wish it had a 6th gear for the free-ways as it feels/sounds like it is revv'ing high at 100+.

    I agree with the clutch too. Still getting used to it as I came from a WR450. But it is great to just go to and from work on.

    I am really looking forward to my first 'longer' ride
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