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First Ride on a 600 sports

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by willyboy, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I can't believe how powerfull they are, after only riding a few bikes ttr250 probably being the quickest i just amazed at the speed. :shock: those restrictions makes sense...

  2. 600 class is fantastic, you get used to the rush but remember to respect it as well. Coming off a postie, ya gonna notice the difference!
  3. What 600 was it, willyboy?
  4. Yeah I remember my first real ride of a 600 it was a k3 gixxer, and that scared the living daylights out of me... then that same trip I proceeded to take the bike up to 255kph. Probably not the wises thing to do. :)
  5. Mine was on a CBR600 - simply brilliant for my riding style! Performance figures were slightly better than the GSX1100 I had at the time - admittedly the G was older. So are you just testing or have you bought one Willyboy?
  6. Was just riding my mates, was a gsxr600 k2 or k3, Im still a little buzzed from it. Its like traffic stops when you twist your wrist... Only thing that was foreign was the riding position and the steering i was a bit wobbly at slow speed compared to the postie which rips up the slow stuff
  7. Hahaha, I would say it's just a teensy bit different.
  8. Just a smidge haha though i did spin up the rear on the postie doing a u-turn, little bit of gravel helps....
    I still cant work out whether I'm scared or I want one haha
  9. the thing that's weird is that you get completly used to it and it feels like a 250 again after about 500km's. :shock:
  10. The postie or the gixxer? :p j/k
  11. Who needs slow riding when you have 130 hp :) :grin: :)
  12. Its a wonder anyone with a sports bike has a license, you go from license to no license pretty dam quickly.

    LPCIII any chance of getting on your VTR lol i wish they made a 600 version :(
  13. Nah it need to be a litre to get that fantastic sound.

    Your bike's noise keeps me awake at night Laurie :).
  14. I don't think they ever made an sp2 600 did they??

    Lauries is a liter, but its a one trick pony.
  15. haHA! Lemons for breakfast, bitterman!

  16. my mate let me take his k3 750 for a spin when i was on my p's, went around the block a few times, very scary when your not use to the power. after 1 or 2 laps i started to give it a good squirt and at one point opened it up 1-2 blocks away from his house, when i came back he was pissing himself laughing cause he heard me the whole time :cool:
  17. Whats a license?
  18. Yeah my mate has a pipe on his reckon he heard me coming too, at every lights you just cant resist blippin the throttle mmmm :grin: