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First Ride {Moved from General}

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Strangeways, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Hi All! I'm a novice rider, had my Ps and new bike a week,planning my first recreation ride in a week.
    Old Pacific Highway, from Horsnsby to Calga, ppears to be a comfortable start.
    Any comments or suggestions?

  2. watch for coppers
  3. The old road is normally crawling with police but you can still have fun on it if you're observant. Peats Ridge or the Wiseman's Ferry loop are all close by too.
    Double demerits time is soon so be doubly vigilant.
  4. Guys, he's a newly anointed P-Plater... any speeding offence is automatically 4 demerit points; ergo - loss of license whether double-demerits or not.

    Strangeways, I agree that there are normally plenty of cops on the Ol' Pac (seems to be more on a Sunday than a Saturday though) but if you behave sensibly, you'll have fun. As my Scotland Island neighbour mentioned, double-demerits come into force very soon but this might be to your advantage... less bikers will be using the road and those who do will (for the most part) be more conservative during this period. Watch out of a grey Nissan X-Trail (assuming the recent Cycle Torque article entitled "Entrapment" hasn't change things)... there's been reports-a-plenty over the last few months of this vehicle pulling out in front of motor cycles and tooling along under the speed limit. Riders have become frustrated and overtaken the X-Trail on unbroken lines only to be pulled over by a Hwy Patrol up the road and informed that they were filmed performing an illegal overtake by the Nissan.

    Finally, be aware that a lot of cyclists (of the peddle-powered/Lycra variety) use the road and may surprise you around some of the bends.
  5. Thanx for the advice everyone. (y) I commute on the bike everyday so I'm looking forward to taking a ride simply for the pleasure of it
  6. Let us know how it goes. If you aren't fully conversant with counter steering, then take any corners at an easy pace and expect to be passed by other bikes...watch your mirrors. :)
  7. Strangeways, I'm located near to Hornsby and can pull together a couple of other riders if you fancy some company on your ride.
  8. I'm planning on going on the 2nd of Jan. 109er I'd love some company, but this is my first recreational ride and I've never risen in a group before. If you don't mind riding with a complete noob then let's set a time and place to meet. Anyone else who wants to come along is also more than welcome.
  9. No issue with your experience level, we all had to learn sometime. PM me.
  10. Since when is Scotland Island near Hornsby (unless you're comparing your location to Sutherland or something similar)? if I'm not at the g/friend's I might tag along as well (assuming that's okay).
  11. Hornsby Is where we generally start our rides - coffee at Pattinson's and then up to the old road. ;)
    The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned, I'll hopefully be bringing a couple of others along too.
  12. Blaise - you really need to talk to Mouth to get your avatar working again, she was half the reason I logged on here.
  13. ^^ It's the manner avatars are handled by the ZenForo™ forum software... avatars are converted to a background JPG image. All is not lost though, view my profile page and she wiggles all her bits as always.
  14. You just made it all worthwhile again.
  15. That's her job!
  16. She didn't wriggle for me on Tapatalk :(
  17. Strangeways and Blaise I'm confirmed for the 2nd, and I have another chap joining us he's on NR as cockrocket, he's a good rider and is very familiar with the old road - he's been a riding partner of mine for a couple of years and is 100% trustworthy (on a bike, off a bike I wouldn't like to say :sneaky: ).
  18. Yeah up for a ride after Xmas.
  19. Sounds like a plan
  20. 109er, if you're on an island how do you get around with your bike? Just out of curiosity