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First ride - likely to rain. Advice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrBaggins, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. I got my L plates a little over a month ago. NSW system. I just purchased a second hand ninja 300 250kms away. Its pouring down right now, and tomorrow when I intend to go home it's reasonably likely to be raining too.

    I'm already intending to spend at least 15-45 minutes riding around the block and getting used to thebike, but the rain is kind of a worry.

    One, I only have Kevlar jeans for my lower half. That's gonna suck. My upper half should be pretty good.

    Two, I totally lack experience in the dry and above third gear. The majority of the trip home is highway, which should be okay once I get going, buy still, it will be the first time I'm doing 80-90kmh without a cage.

    Trip is queenbeyan to Wagga Wagga. I can probably ask the guy to hold the bike til later in the week pretty easily but I'd prefer not to if its safe enough.

  2. My first big ride involved rain and a crash,its surprising how quickly you get tied and your concentration drops off,especially when cold and wet.Life involved risk,and it will always rain sometimes on the bike.Your call but if you do ,have lots of brakes,make sure your visor doesn't fog up,crack it open a bit.You will get cold if you get wet,Bunning sells wet weather over pants,dish gloves work ok under normal gloves keep a real good margin away from other vehicles,good luck.
  3. If your not confident just wait until the weather improves later on in the week(y)
  4. Hi,

    First thing go and get a cheap pair of rain pants, they do not have to be motor bike specific any thing at a camping store will do. Wet jeans and wind chill are not a good thing.

    Second, plan you route so you know it without having to think about it. It will be one less thing you need to concentrate on.

    Riding in the rain can seem like a bigger issue than it is. You just need to slow things down, leave bigger buffer spaces and be smooth on the brakes and throttle. You will have less traction but I imagine you are not going to be trying for knee down corners.

    Stay a bit further back than you think you need to from cars the spray will cover your visor in seconds if you are right behind them.

    You should be fine if you think about the trip, plan for a few stops and relax on the bike. Very easy to say from here of course:)

    Good luck, let us know how it was.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  5. I picked up my first bike from Melbourne and rode it to home to Ballarat when I lived there. It also rained and all the experience I had was the 2 day learner course although I had a friend come with me. Just ride it slow and you'll be ok. Take brakes as others have said.

    If big trucks come past brace yourself for the wind/water hehe. As long as you don't speed and take breaks, I reckon no need to be scared about it.
  6. Stay home buddy. Wait till u have a dry day
  7. I have absolutely no intention of speeding. I'll have to try and track down a bunnings as the motorcycle shops here don't seem to open Sundays.

    I also intend to Stop at Yass and Gundagai, and probably meet up with my girlfriend in the car at each. That's around an hour per stop for non locals.

    I feel like I'll be fine after 20 mins getting used to the bike again. I got on and stalled it instantly thanks to a kickstand stop safety thing, which I'm sure looked great to the guy. I'm gonna go searching on maps tonight for a carpark or something to warm up in before the trip.
  8. Oh remember to turn off your indicators after use too hehe. I remember when I first started, that I used to forget sometimes, not auto like a car. I also did the kickstand thing once when first got a bike................hehe
  9. I'd wait until it is a bit drier or get a more experienced rider to ride it home and then you can do your squirts around the block to develop your confidence.
  10. If your girlfriend is there in a car, follow her! Rain isn't a drama. You still have plenty of grip. But check your tyre pressures before you start.
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  11. Or have her follow you, she can keep the highway tailgaters at bay while you just concentrate on the road in front of you.
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  12. Hi,

    Mate, l'd wait for a dry day, but if already committed then take it easy.
    You need overpants!
    I could have lent you some, if you had posted up, before leaving Wagga.

    Doing 90kph down the Hume can be risky; however, atleast there is an overtaking lane. Just make sure you can be seen from behind, with water spray this can be hard for cars to estimate your speed when coming up behind you.
    If it starts to bucket down, pull over and wait it out.
    I would suggest, taking the Gundagai - Wantabadgery-Oura road, as on the Sturt hwy, you will frustrate traffic.

    Above all, avoid braking and accelerating hard, avoid riding on anything shiny, like the white lines, water trails, smooth tar or oil. Becareful pulling off the road for a rest if it has dirt verges.

    Cheers Dobbo
  13. I'm waiting to see what the weather does now. Google sounds like it's going to bucket, bom thinks it's a small chance of clearing showers. If it looks cleat then ive got no problems. If it looks very light, I'll get over pants and if it looks terrible I'll wait til later in the week.
  14. Hi.. I'm in Quangers.. aka Queanbeyan :)
    Depends on what time you are picking up bike tomorrow. I'd be happy to escort you around a little, give you a few tips, even take you out of the main sections of town.
    Let me know, I've just finished second glass of wine so may get a little fuzzy soon.
    I really should eat some food..
    I was cooped up all day today resting a twisted ankle so very likely I'll have cabin fever tomorrow and will be keen to go for a spin..
    I ride rain or shine, commute daily all year, and get out on the bike every weekend.
    Oh I rode to Junee the very second day I had bike, and didn't sleep at all that night, too much merriment.. and rode home following day had been pissing down all night.. I was with good friends however.. so was great to have their support..
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  15. Oh wow. If I had a more concrete schedule I'd take you up on that in a heartbeat, but I'm still trying to work out exactly when I'm doing what. I expect to be checking out of accom about ten, then picking up bike about half past. But that could all go out window and I'm still waiting on weather too. Thanks heaps, I may ask in the morning yet, but its cool if you miss me.
  16. No worries.. I'm an early riser. Just PM me.
    I'll check early.. It's really no trouble.
    I often help out the local new riders.. so no probs at all :)
    Weather looks like it will ease.
    Once you get the feel for the bike and the road.. it will all come together.
    I could probably ride to Yass with you.. then your gf can tail you from there..
    Oh and when I got my GSR I stalled it a few times on the test ride before even getting it off the kerb.. there is a finesse to getting to know the feel of a new bike, it's not always a newbie thing :)
  17. Kev, been watching that and Google all week :p

    Seven: if it's clear when I'm ready at around 1030 -1100 I'd love for a quick few tips and a trip at least onto the Barton. Ill pm around then once I'm ready to pick up the bike. Thank you so much
  18. No worries.. I'll check in early.
    However! If you feel comfortable.. I would take you out via Sutton Rd and then Murrumbateman Rd..
    Barton Hwy is crummy.. and the other route is really not such a detour and will allow you to get a good feel for the bike on more of a 'back road' rather than the hwy..
    you'll be doing plenty of hwy afterwards, but with a nice intro to the bike via some quieter country roads you will be better prepared. .. this means you will detour the crapfest of Canberra suburbs ..

    Look I'm sure you will be fine either way. I'll check tomorrow. was gonna cut some laps at the Cotter regardless, so can do that on my way back.. cheers!!
  19. I will usually yield to experience. :p