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First ride just for pleasure

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by HB, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Only got my learners in April and up to now all my riding has been in carparks or to and from them to practice. I know I still need heaps of it but I did get my learners to ride the wide open spaces so decided today since I wasn't up to the Woodend ride I'd do one on my own.

    Went up through Eltham and Panton Hill to St Andrews. Had driven all the way to Kinglake last weekend to check the roads out with riding in mind. Decided as much as I would love to go all that way, my riding isn't up to it. The sign saying there was 530 motorbike accidents up there since 2003 kinda made me think not a good idea just yet as well.

    I did stall at lights in Research but other than that no incidents. Really enjoyed the bends and was amazed at how much better I took them than I thought I would. All the tips I have picked up from this site were really priceless. Did take one bend a little fast but as there was nothing come the other way thought it better to touch the double lines then brake right on the curve and come off.

    I did have one car part of the way that was on my tail a bit closer that I would have liked. Decided it was maybe a good time to claim the lane so started weaving a little from side to side. He soon backed off.

    Stopped at Hurstbridge for a muffin & latte on way home. There was a young pimply teenage boy standing there looking like he was waiting to be picked up. I'm only just over 150cm & weigh 50kgs so even under all the gear I think it's easy to see I'm a chick. The double take when I took the helmet off was golden. I am probably a good few years older than his MUM.

    Another gentleman biker of mature age was slowing down for the lights as I was putting my helmet on the holder to go get my latte & gave me a "good on you kinda nod" it made my day.
  2. Well done! Glad you got out and enjoyed your little ride :)

    It's good stuff, eh? Keep practicing, you'll get keep improving!
  3. good stuff. my wife and I learnt to ride out there.
    avoid the kinglake road until you are confident. riders die there.
    the road from warrandyte up to kangaroo ground is good.
    If you take the road from templestowe to warrandyte, which is also good for learners, turn left at the bridge and the road takes you to kangaroo ground.
    research-warrandyte rd is OK but can be tricky.
    wattle glen to kangaroo ground, nice sweepers.
    christmas hills road from kangaroo ground out to yarra glen is good. lots of bends and 80k speed limit.
  4. I was thinking for my next pleasure ride I might head in the Yarra Glen or Warrandyte directions. I'll probably spend any non raining weekends for the next 2 weeks in car park or local streets for practice but if there's a rainy one I'll go for a drive in the car so I can check the roads first. Driven that way a few times but look at it differently with riding the bike in mind.

    So much more to think about, but so much more fun!!
  5. google maps and street view can help check out rides.