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First ride in the wet and did it pour!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Evo86, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Well I just got back from my first wet weather ride (been riding for 2.5months) and what an experience. Got caught at uni a little longer than expected only to exit seeing rain. Surprisingly i wasnt that nervous and managed to make the 40min trip back home. Glad it happened now so i know what to expect.

    Lessons learnt:

    -Its bloody hard to see when it is actually raining. All i managed to do was look sideways when above 60km/h to clean the rain for a brief moment.

    -Tram tracks are slippery in the wet but only mainly at shallow angles. No problems encountered.

    -Massive lack of stopping power. Must keep that gap in front of you.

    -Draggins are not waterproof!! Be prepeared for a set of cold nads at the end of the ride.

    Had a blast and took it easy around the corners for a first time. Seems riding is addictive wet or dry :grin:

    Just thought i should share my experience
  2. Riding in the wet does add another dimension to the riding experience, doesn't it?

    I spent the weekend tootling around NE Victoria, mostly on damp and occasionally wet (more than occasionally, actually) roads.

    I found out that:

    1. textile jackets are water absorbant
    2. there is no glove on earth, other than rubber ones, that keep your hands dry.
    3. Fog City visor liners work well to keep the fog away. But that's not much use to you when the water is running down INSIDE of the visor.
    4. DriRider pants can only cope with so much wet weather.
    5. MotoDry overcoats do an excellent job of keeping you dry. Ditto their wet weather pants. I just wish that I brought them with me....
    6. When going for a harder compound tyre, such as a Michelin Pilot Road, expect less than stellar performance in the wet, particularly when you plough through a deep puddle and the bike wants to take off into the shrubbery when you're surrounded by cars.


    1. Store your gear in a garbag. Ventura and Gearsack bags are NOT water/weatherproof
    2. If you have proper wet weather gear, bring it along. It's not much use to you (er, me) sitting in the cupboard
    3. Make sure your mobile phone is somewhere where it's protected from damp clothing, or not in pockets that fill up with water.
    4. Try and lead the ride. Let the others cop the spray from your back wheel...
    5. When riding over Mt Hotham, it's a good idea to first obtain your instrument rating. When the cloud is that low, you'll definately need it...
  3. IFR: I Follow Roads! :LOL:

    303 waterproofing works great on textiles, as do the various seam sealer products on the market. My textile jacket is made of a semi porous material, but has a waterproof coating on the inside. If the water doesn't penetrate the stitching, or around the neck, I am fine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Tonight was prob my forth or fith wet weather ride in 4 wks. I had to go into the city and back in about 1.5 hrs and I left my place at around 6:30 and got home at 8. I found that riding at nite is ok or in the wet is ok but not at nite and raining. I cant c anything in the mirrors. All I can c in the mirrors was car head lights so I cant make out what was what... Its a really bad time to go out riding for me.

    I knew at one point of time I knew (looked like) another cbr250 following me when I was heading north on rosana rd or burke rd. I could make out from the two round headlights. :)
  5. same i got soaked. evo86...you dont go to melb uni do you. i saw a zx-6 a yamaha classic and a zzr still sitting in the parking (around 6.30). some dude still had his helmet hanging on the bike...

  6. DAMN! Sounds exactly like my weekend!

    I was also riding around NE Vic on the weekend and over Mt Hotham (on Thursday).

    Copped two days of rain (Sat & Sunday) for most of the time while riding, not a very nice thing when waterproof gear doesn't really mean waterproof at all!

    Coming down a tight twisting mountain road in the dark with fog, half fogged up visor, wet all the way through 4 layers of clothing (including wet weather gear) in the rain isn't fun i can tell you that much!

    On the other hand short trips in the rain are great, i like them. :)

  7. Ha I probably past you on the way home. I have uni out at bundoora and live in the city. Concentrating on the road too much to notice probably.

    My textile jacket stood up fine. The water didnt really make it to the waterproof liner. Was pleasantly surprised.
  8. Couple of other tips to add to the above list

    - if your carry bag isnt waterproof and you cant get a drycover for it, store your stuff inside some self-seal clear plastic food bags, theyre pretty cheap & come in different sizes plus you can see instantly what your looking for

    - throw some disposable gloves in your bag or pocket as an extra layer to wear under your gloves if they're not waterproof to keep your hands dry & a little bit warmer
  9. You prob did pass me on our way home. I did notice a few bikes around under bridges and under cover. I still noticed I passed a few bikes.
  10. I got my first experience with rain on day 2 of having my bike :?

    Loverly Saturday afternoon, had been hot (~25°) and sunny all day, so I had BOTH liners out of my jacket. At a friend's place about 20min from home for a couple of hours, look out the window and here comes the rain! It was only threatening to begin with, so I hopped on the bike and started heading home hoping to beat the worst of it.


    Once I hit the middle of town, down it comes :cry: And as you said Evo, Draggins aren't waterproof! Neither is a jacket missing it's waterproof layer! So I arrive home, wet, cold, p*ssed off, even more so, when Tassie being what it is, the moment I get home the sun comes back out for the rest of the day! :evil:

    Not fun. Wet weather gear definitely on the shopping list.
  11. I just ordered one of the dririder hurricane suits. It is a one piece oversuit, that is waterproof and windproof, and packs away small enough not to make a nuisance of itself in the boot of my across. Should be handy for emergencies :)
  12. Tram tracks

    Learned an excellent thing about tram tracks.
    I cross them about 15 times a day when going to work and back and boy are they slippery when wet!

    Lean the bike into them and you will have more tread on the road - thus more grip.

    Works like a charm :p
  13. We rode up to Bright on Sat (over Hotham) and home Sunday via Whitfield, Mansfield, Black Spur, Noojee, etc.

    Ride home was more or less wet all the way. Ride up was drizzly but for the most part dry, except for the Hotham bit and a shower past Tawonga Gap where we got drenched.
  14. Rain, what is that. It could be sometime before we see a wet day up here in beautiful QLD :p

    Appreciate the tips/knowledge for when it is needed.
  15. Hardest thing for me was trying to see at night in rain. The drops on the visor - glaring heavy traffic headlights was almost blinding, especially in the mirrors which were also doing the same (double up blur). Tried having visor slightly up as I was only travelling around melb city, and when I wasn't face into the rain that seemed to help.

    Any other tips for improved vision in night/rain riding?
  16. 2nd that.

    Ziplok bags from the supermarket make great pocket liners, cos matches are shite when wet, ditto ciggys.

    If you carry any tools - use ziplok bags to protect them, because they will be crap when you next need them.

    When you are really wet, you can urinate in your --- oops scratch that warm feeling and comment
  17. yup, decent headlamps helps a lot, especially a good low beam light. For some reason a few bikes come with lamps that don't really throw enough light, and if you find that, then go get something else :)

    I have a pair of rjay pants that are fairly (by fairly, i mean if i'm in moderately heavy rain for about 30 minutes it starts to pool in my groin and seep through, so when i get home i really do look like i've pissed myself) and a dri-rider jacket that i'm yet to get wet through even though i've been through a storm that dumped about 8cm of rain in 30 minutes or so, wearing draggin's then too :LOL: was soaked from the waist down, but my feet were nice and dry in my rossi boots :)