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First ride in the rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by hughhurst1990, May 18, 2009.

  1. Ok,

    So I've had my bike for just over two weeks. Kawasaki ZZR 250. I like it.

    So I finish work. I decide that because it is raining I best wait for all the other people to leave the carpark first. I take my time getting my stuff ready and getting my gear on. Luckily my leather jacket was at the shop getting repairs under warranty so I had a waterproof dryrider as a loan.

    So I go outside and it's raining reasonably heavily and I walk to my bike. I dried off my seat as best I could with some rags I took from work. My ride home is about 20km mostly 60km/h. So I get out of there at about 11:15 instead of 11:05 as I usually do and there is one other car on the road. I keep my distance and ride below the speed limit as I feel I can take my time getting home. Anyway, the ride was reasonably uneventful other than that a taxi decided to stop in the middle of the road to pick up a passenger.

    Well... the ride was uneventful untill I got off the Story Bridge where I was going the speed limit to keep up with traffic and stay in the safest zone I could around the cars. I turn off after the Story Bridge onto Shaftson avenue where there is one other car (taxi.... a different one.)

    From there I proceeded past the roadworks up to a set of traffic lights... that was green... then it turned yellow so I decided to obey the law. Stupid idea.

    I left my braking a little too late and did as the Q-ride course said. Roll off the throttle and squeeze more and more on the brake untill you stop. So I do that and coming up to a set of lights I should have realised that there would be oil in the middle of the road. I locked my front wheel and just lost it at a reasonably slow speed. Less than 20km/h I reckon.

    Damage to bike - Bent gear lever, Scratched left fairing (it was already scratched so that doesn't bother me) and that's it.

    Damage to me - Sore ankle from where the bike landed... Thank god I was wearing boots.

    Stuff to learn - Don't hesitate to make decisions regarding yellow lights, don't ride in the middle of the lane at intersections.... especially traffic lights, get waterproof pants.

    I'm sitting here now writing this with a sore ankle. That's it thank god. I know it could have been worse so I'm greatful. I'm not gonna tell my mum lol.

    Sorry about the long post.



    P.s. Any questions or suggestions just post them here. I want others to learn from my mistake.
  2. bummer mate but thats the best way to learn to ride, learn from your n00b mistakes..

    take it on the chin and get out there again with your new found lesson
  3. .. You've just nailed it !
    Sucks you learned the 'hard' way, but treat every mistake as a lesson.

    PS: Had it been raining long? It's always best ( when possible ) , to wait until the road gets a good soaking before heading out. This allows the rain to do it's job washing away oil & scum off the roads.
    It's always slipperiest in the first stages of rain.

    Good Luck !
  4. +1 to what Vinnie said.

    In the rain you will start to sutomatically adjust your timing of the lights. If going through an orange, weigh up braking on a slippery/oily rd and the possibility of someone waiting to turn right on an orange coming from the other way. Have an escape route in mind.

    Brake in the wheel tracks, not the centre of the lane. In one worrying incident in the rain I had a car change into my lane in front of me, just as the lights turned orange and he decided to brake really hard to stop. The option I took was actually to swing out between lanes of traffic and pass that car and continue through the intersection - three was no way I could pull up that quickly in the wet oil. Another reason to ride in the wheel track - easy to swing out around people if need be.

    It's a learning experience. Not long on my Ls I had the back slide and step out stopping at lights in the rain.
  5. VCM - It had been raining for about 4 or 5 hours.

    Morbo - Yeah riding in the wheel track is a much better idea. I was riding in the middle of the lane at some points because there was big puddles of standing water in the wheel tracks and I didn't find hitting them was any fun.
  6. 2nd ride in the rain today.

    Worse conditions (Windier and heavier rain)
    More traffic
    Worse visibility due to conditions

    Arrived alive and unscathed... and drier thanks to a mate at work who had some marlin pants for me to try out.

    I was being so so cautious and rarely using any brakes other than the engine. I figured the engine braking would be better for slowing down because it keeps the wheels spinning with little friction on the wheel it's self.

    It worked for me
  7. With engine braking be careful not to compression lock the rear.

    If you have an off on the way to or from work, make sure you do a work cover form just in case so you are covered.
  8. Good call.
  9. Like VCM said, spot on. Don't hesitate with any decisions you make on the bike, there's simply no time for it. The tricky part is learning to make the right decisions.

    Some good rain advice I've got of NR is to do everything as smoothly as possible. Up gearing and down gearing using more clutch than usual. I learnt how to blip in the rain because I was getting small compression locks. (Good article on blipping here: http://www.sportrider.com/ride/RSS/146_0402_shift_blip_throttle/index.html)
  10. maybe its cheating, i dont no, but i just dont ride in the rain.
    i cant think of any sort of enjoyment i could or have got from doing so so i keep my ass warm and get in a car.
  11. I don't like riding in the rain as much as riding in the dry or being in a car in the dry.

    But I like it more then public transport and parking in brisbane with a car is to expensive.
  12. Only suitable for those not covered under comcare (federal employees) as thanks to little johnny workers comp was removed for journeys to and from work as well as lunch time if you leave the premises.
  13. Complete newb question, but in general (even when it's not raining), is it better to go through intersections in the wheel track?
  14. In general, yes. There's always exceptions and you'll learn when it is ok to make that exception.
  15. This is from qld workers comp.

    Other circumstances
    (1) An injury to a worker is also taken to arise out of, or in the
    course of, the worker’s employment if the event happens
    while the worker—
    (a) is on a journey between the worker’s home and place of
    employment; or

    (b) is on a journey between the worker’s home or place of
    employment and a trade, technical or other training
    s 36 48 s 36
    Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
    (i) that the worker is required under the terms of the
    worker’s employment to attend; or

    and from breaks

    Recess claims

    A worker may have an entitlement to compensation if they are injured while temporarily away from their place of employment during an ordinary recess period like a lunch break. These claims are called 'recess claims'. When assessing recess claims WorkCover Queensland will determine whether the ‘injury’ was sustained under section 34 of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003:
    while the worker is away from the place of employment in the course of the worker's employment
    while the worker is temporarily absent from the place of employment during an ordinary recess