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First Ride in the rain (or maybe drizzle)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slik50, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. This morning I rode to work in the rain for the first time.

    Real motorcycle riders might have called it drizzle or a sprinkle. Anyway I always imagined the slippery road would be my biggest concern.

    Well, I forgot that my visor does not have wipers. I kept wiping it with my glove.

    What does everyone else do?

  2. Look to the left and right - let the wind take care of the drops.

    You can get fancy gloves with a wiper blade attached, or DIY. However that's more for road grit and other sticky sh!t that gets on there in the wet.

    Also keep your visor clean - helps the drops slide off. Also heard of people using a polish/wax and special spays that reduces surface tension.
  3. spraying with plexus helps the water bead up and the visor clears more easily
  4. Yeah, turning your head to the left and then to the right works well for removing water at 60-70kph and above. :)
  5. +1

    plus my right glove has a wiper blade on index finger
  6. I have a mate who drives a 60s model car and he never uses his wiper blades because he uses rainex on his windscreen. I assume it would work just as well on a helmet visor.

    The good thing about water though is the colour. It's actually see through. I just leave it on my visor. For some reason it doesn't worry me. Often I wont bother with the wipers in the car either.
  7. Rainx is very bad for visors, it will eat awayat them.
  8. Does right then left work for speeds under 60kph?
  9. Not nearly as well, depending on wind etc
  10. No, below speeds of 60kph you have to nod your head down, then up.
  11. Ahh! Gotcha, thanks.

  12. Yes, I did notice my first comment was a bit too specific. Netrider; where the left glove is the right glove to put on first! :LOL:
  13. glove has a rubber strip along the side of the thumg i use that :grin:
  14. I havnt ridden in the rain yet but i've prepared it with RainX.

    So RainX is a NO NO for the visor?
  15. I don't see why rain-x would be an issue. It says on the bottle it can be used on plastics, but there is a warning not to use on scratch resistant, UV or tinted coatings unless tested first. Same as any cleaning product, there is a warning to test a small patch first - just covering their arse.

    I use it on my visor - just remined me I need another coating! Anyway visors tend to get replaced as they get scratched etc anyway, and it certainly hasn't caused any issues with mine.
  16. Don't know, never really used it. The good ol move your head to the side at speed and let the wind blow off the water usually works for me. Doesn't have to be a big move, just enough to get off most of the rain drops. +1 to the wiper attachments on gloves, usually waterproof/winter gloves. Dri Rider Storm is one example of this.