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First ride & hopefully last drop

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rah 15, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Following obtaining my learners permit, I took the bike for a ride to a local car park last weekend. Was a bit nervous but chose a quiet time to go and went for it.

    The 1km ride had all green lights and therefore no braking practice but no stalls either! Gear changes were awkward and I was in too high a gear going uphill. Remembered to cancel indicators but could have been better with head checks.

    Got to the car park and switched everything off to take a breather. Heart was pounding and on a warm day, head sweating like crazy.

    Realised in that moment that it was so new and nervy that it had been a bit of a blur and all teachings of breathe slowly and hug the bike had kind of gone out of the window for that short ride. But man, was it exciting.

    Started it up, lifted the kick stand and as I tilted the bike up straight it kept going... And going... and fell to the right. I laughed (what else could I do). Killed the bike and picked it up. Thankfully, there were only minor scratches on the brake lever. Coolant had gushed out though and so I brought the bike back where it's sat for a week.

    Learning for me was my right foot position. I think it was too far back and I suspect I was resting on the ball of my foot rather than being flat on the ground.

    Will be back out this weekend Still nervy but determined to build the experience especially of more car park practice - it can only get better from there.

    One thing is for sure - am so glad I started this; nothing like beginning to learn such a new skill.
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  2. Welcome to the addictive world of riding.

    When you are comfortable getting there, come along to the Saturday Practice sessions in St Kilda
  3. When you feel Ok with traffic, if you indicate your own (or nearby suburb) you may find somebody nearby to ride into practice with you.
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  4. Good on you for laughing it off. Just relax and keep practicing the basics....
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  5. Not sure if it helps, but I was told to straighten the front wheel, hop on bike, lift bike to centre then bring up the kick stand. Apparantly straightning the front before hopping on puts the bike in a more stable and upright position and makes it much easier to control the weight.
  6. A turned front wheel makes the bike want to fall to one side. You don't have to have the wheel straight but if the wheel isn't straight you have to counter this. It's the same effects that come into play with counter steering.
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  7. welcome aboard :)
    They say laughing is the best medicine :)
    take your time and keep up the practice
  8. glad you and your bike are ok.
  9. Great to hear you were able to have a laugh and learn something from it. It is hard when you're trying to remember everything you're taught, but car park practice is a great way to learn away from the traffic. I used to make myself sick with worry in the beginning. Just out of curiosity, where were you looking when you lifted the bike off the stand?
  10. G'day Rah 15Rah 15. You've got that first bike drop out of the way now. :] If you're able to see the humour in the situation you're on a good track. Isn't it a lot to take in at once when you're first riding a motorcycle on the road! As you said, learning most new skills is like that and bit by bit things will 'click' until a lot of the things you do to operate a motorcycle and be aware of the road and traffic around you will become, for want of a better term, automatic.