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First ride home in the rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Luna, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I've been on the bike when it has been sprinkling before but tonight it was chucking it down the whole way home from work. Things I discovered about riding in the rain:

    1. Water on my visor is nothing to fear;
    2. My foot pegs are rather slippery;
    3. First thing to do on the weekend is deal with the oil on the ground in the garage as slipped a little when parking up;
    4. My waterproof boots aren't exactly waterproof;
    5. Water splashed up from cars is kind of fun, not terrifying;
    6. I look like a pudding with legs in my wet weather gear; and
    7. Regardless how bad the weather is, being on a bike is still freaking awesome fun. :D

  2. As long as I have my wet weather gear, I don't mind riding in the rain.
    I actually enjoy having the tyre squirm as I apply too much throttle and just leave ample room for braking.
    Summer rain riding is awesome and there is nothing like getting drenched after a stinking hot day :)

  3. 1. Turn your head to the side while riding and the water clears quickly.
    2. Yes
    3. Ha ha watch out for tiles too. Or painted driveways.
    4. Nothing is.
    5. This is the best time ever to use those wheel tracks. The cars get rid of a lot of excess water. Be very careful on non busy roads and wheel tracks. The cars cause hollows that can fill and you will aquaplane. if it looks black and deep then it probably is.
    6. lol yes and the more speed the more they billow out.
    7. The wet is a great place to learn body positioning.
  4. the only thing that annoys me is having to clean the bike afterwards, oops I forgot about tram tracks
  5. I recently got some new tyres and remembered how much fun it is to ride in the rain when you've got a bit of grip. I was having a horrendous time on the old rubber before that.
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  6. Great tips, thanks! Regarding 7, how so exactly. I did think my body positioning was ok but I was very focused on taking it easy, watching where my tires were going and watching everyone else around me.

    Yep - that is the second job on saturday (after cleaning up the oil in the garage). Can't believe how filthy my little lawn mower is.

    After riding yesterday in the rain I was miserable in the car this morning as it was pouring down. I have to go to a function tonight so bike gear wasn't really appropriate. I used to look at bikes and think they were poor buggers for getting stuck in the rain but I know better now. :D
  7. Well done. Rain/wet weather doesn't have to be scary. In fact, as someone else pointed out and can be fun having the rear end squirming around.
  8. The bikes limits are at a lot lower speed. So if you get it wrong it doesn't hurt much and the bike slides well lol. Sometimes barely a scratch.
    What you want is for YOU to ALWAYS be well balanced. Then the bike can drift a bit or plane through a puddle and you wont feel like your going to fall.
    You will feel the bike sliding. Not dropping.
    A rolling bike will hardly ever fall over till it stops. They have their own righting motion and can cope very well in all conditions.
    We on the other hand ha ha.
    I guess what I am saying is that a bike will move around in the wet. Even the dry.
    This is why good posture on a bike is vital. Sit up on it. Don't flop all over it. If your posture is good your balance will also be very good.
    You lean into acceleration. You lean back from deceleration.
    So if you get into a drift which way are you going to lean your weight?
    Into it. This is very offensive riding ha ha but true.
    Take your weight with your feet and bum. Never the hands.
  9. ^^ scares the crap out of me LOL
  10. Ha, you'll be fine
  11. Much better after some heavy rain as the crap gets washed off the road. (watch for aquaplaning though).

    The start of Light drizzle is a bastard because all that does is make the road greasy as shit after a chico roll.
  12. Watch out for those white stripes...
    Hard acceleration + Rain + Rear wheel on stripes = Tank slapper
  13. yes but why?
    And how to recover?
  14. #14 bulby, Nov 25, 2011
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    I'm gunna take a wild guess and say ease off the throttle and stay loose & relaxed.

    Oh and if you're in Melbourne, watch out for tram tracks. They're evil.
  15. what i learned so far:

    - raising the visor up one notch prevents it from misting up.
    - sit more upright
    - reduce the amount of bike lean on a corner by using your leaning your body more
    - lots of braking space between you and the car in front
    - be very careful when placing the feet down at the lights to avoid slipping.
    - avoid the white lines
    - grip the bike tightly with your knees and keep your arms relaxed
    - smooth gradual acceleration to avoid spinning
    - always have a sandwich bag handy to keep phones etc dry.
    - if it gets ridiculous and flooded then sometimes its wiser to just pull over for a while
    - fully waterproof clothes purchased from Lowes dont stay fully waterproof for very long.
  16. Those white lines are very slippery (same with tram tracks). Ease off the throttle when taking off at lights.
  17. A bike will recover fine.
    It's what you do to keep you in a nice relaxed and balanced position that will count.
    The hard part is you need to experience these things a fair bit to be able to be relaxed enough to stay loose and balanced. A catch 22.
    You can go through the theory for years. But until you feel it. The low G from a sliding bike. The floating feeling. And being able to stay relaxed whilst it's doing it. Counteracting the motion of the slide...not the bike...you. Not falling off balance or over balancing.
    Your in skateboard, surfing and skiing territory. If you know what I mean...am I making sense. The bike will be fine...worry about you
  18. Not really ive never skated or surfed or ski-ed

    So in THEORY if the bike is sliding to the right, would a rider lean to the right? The left? back? Brake ? Ease off? Accelerate?

    I do worry about me.... :LOL: