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First ride, first (little) accident. Oops...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nikku, May 28, 2006.

  1. Hello, it's me again :D

    Well, I got my Yamaha Zeal, and I got all my gear. Thanks to everyone who gave advice on that!

    This morning a mate was going to take me to a vacant carpark and give me my first proper lesson, but before he arrived I decided to putter around the block a few times to get a feel for throttle control and balance. I live in a very quiet area and it was a lazy Sunday morning. So I got suited up in all my safety gear, wheeled the bike down the driveway, and off I went.
    Now, I must stress that I was very cautious. I stayed in first gear, went slowly, pulled over and waited the couple of times a car approached from behind, and even made a point of going counter-clockwise so it was all left-turns. And that all went fine. Balance and steering was easy, and although my throttle control was a bit jerky, I had it fairly smooth fairly soon.
    It was my own driveway at the very end that was my (quite literal) downfall. I was going too slowly to roll the bike up onto the driveway, and I approached from too shallow an angle. When the front tyre hit the lip of the driveway at that angle and speed, it turned back out towards the road, overbalancing the bike towards the driveway. I tried to hold the bike up but it was too heavy and my footing too awkward. The best I could do was let it down slowly and gently, resulting in some scratches on the rearview mirror and engine. (*sniffle* :) )

    Now, I don't think I made any bad mistakes - just something small that I'll learn from. I'm not upset about that. The thing that really frustrates me is that I somehow managed to sprain my wrist while trying to hold the bike up as it inexorably toppled over, and I couldn't have my lesson with my mate after all!
    And it hurts to move my wrist and I'm having to type this one-handed. And it's my left wrist and I'm left-handed. Grrr!
    Ah well, all I can do is be patient and make sure the wrist heals. I've injured this wrist a few years back, too, so I'll have to be careful.

    So it's with rueful humour that I must wait yet longer to ride my bike!

  2. Seems to me you got your first lesson! You're not the first one to drop your bike in the drivway at home & you sure won't be the last but you've worked out what went wrong so you've learnt! Heal well & quickly!
  3. Haha, I know, it just smarts that I should have this setback the first time I take my bike out. I'm just laughing at myself really :)
    Thanks :)
  4. A bit of extra speed can help, but it is possible to get up onto the drivewasy at the slower speeds. You just need to be aware that the wheel may want to turn out and be prepared to hold it firm and steady. Use a bit of arm muscle to keep it going where it should.
  5. Don't worry too much about it - put it down to just another part of the learning process, and as you have done, don't be overly hard on yourself. Laughing at ourselves keeps us honest. :)
    It does sound like you could very well do with a beginners riding course...that will help you alot and will help you to avoid those lessons that hurt more than this time around.

    Keep at it, Nikku. it will all come to you faster than you think.
  6. Well done Nikku, accidents will happen, but you were able to disect it and find out why it happened, a good way to ensure it doesn't happen again......

    You're biggest test will be riding in Summer, my family and I lived in "The Beef Capital of Australia" for 2 yrs, damn it's hot in February.
  7. Netrider Driveway "OOPS" # 27, by my count :LOL:

    Don't be discouarged, in a week or two you'll be wneelying up th driveway and sliding it round to a stop ready to ride off again, while waving to the neighbours and blowing a kiss to the missus!!!
  8. welcome to the bloodied section.. Sorry to hear about your drop.
  9. most people just dont tell anyone :LOL:

    hope your wrist heals up quickly :)
  10. Hi Nikku, you will find it will be a bit smoother if you are in second gear.

    I'm glad that your lay-over wasn't serious, but maybe get your wrist checked just in case.

    Hope you heal quickly so you can get back on again.
  11. Hi Nikku, bugger about the drop but you have learnt, which is the main thing. Most minor drops like this will happen a very low speed. Hope the wrist heals quickly and you are back on the bike :)
  12. Sucks about the drop Nikku but you'll find most riders will have done the same/similar thing when they were starting out for the first time (Although very few will admit it :LOL: ).

    Get that wrist on some ice and you'll be back on the bike in no time.
  13. Nikku, i know your pain, at least you know not the first and not the last to do it. Bad luck but a good start. enjoy the process and the ride
  14. Thanks for the encouragement and the tips :)
    And jgm, yeah, I think I'll check out the q-ride courses!
  15. Yeah look at some training. Being a wobbly learner's one thing but you sound like you're struggling with basic machine control - something your initial pre-learner's course should have got you up to speed on.
  16. Good on ya for being able to think logically bout what went wrong - at least you know that'll never happen again...!!!

    I had to do a hill start on first ride - and stalled about 5 times before managed to get moving (missing lots of light changes and driving everyone around me mad) - didnt tell anyone until knew I could do that hill in my sleep...

    Best way to learn is to make the minor errors and learn from them...good luck - and I swear you'll look back soon and be amazed at how much you have learnt...
  17. Definitely check the Q-ride courses out, and the next driveway you plan on going up try (if possible) to be straight on (or with minimal angle) and you should be able to go up at low speed!!

    Hope your wrist heals quickly and you get back on the bike soon mate :cool:
  18. Nikku, love the bike hehe. I dropped my bike ( but it wasn't the zeal at eh time) in my driveway on my first ride out. you quickly learn from little mistakes and you quickly get over the embaressment lol.
    Be safe