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First Ride Experiences

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by oz_johnno, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Howdi,
    Last Night I got home to see how the missus (MelbGirl) did with her learners course, All the ticks in the right places, with no deficiencies.

    Very nice.....

    This morning I had the priviledge of chaperoning her on her first ride which was to work...... at 6:30am

    Now I would have thought that having your first ride on a cold, wet, foggy July morning in melbourne would be less than Ideal, and I advised her that a dry road and daylight might be GOOD things to have for your first ride........

    But she was determined.

    Once we were underway However I was happy to see that she was doing all the right things.

    She eventually made it to 100km/h on the freeway, used the dry bit of the road, headchecks were good, she moved into the right hand lane when the traffic merged, slowed down when the skyline in the left lane indicated and let him in, maintained good survival space and rode in front of behind the car in the other lane, never beside.

    She even had the experience of some pharkwit in a daewoo cutting her off (welcome to the club darlin, get used to it, no use getting angry just learn to expect it).

    The good folks at DECA certainly seemed to do a nice job instructing her.

    I think I was just about as excited about her first ride as she was and as we rode along I kept thinking about my first ride after obtaining my learners permit back in the mid 80's....... on an '84 GSX250.

    What was everyone elses first ride experience ??

  2. I’m not sure I remember the first ever ride but I do remember my first freeway/motorway ride. At the time you could go on the motorway with anything over 50ccs if you’d passed your test. My Dad told me it was quicker using the motorway so I was determined to have a go like a ‘big boy’. It was pissing it down, I couldn’t see sh1t, and I was in the left hand lane right over on the left hand side, going flat out at '75KmH' with a tailwind, getting drenched with spray from ‘road trains’, and with cars trying to share the lane.

    Aaaaah, I’m laughing now :LOL: ….I wasn’t then :cry: This was what I was riding :shock:
  3. Took the train home to mum 'n' dads to get dads old GS550. Rode it 230km's to Melbourne and straight into peak hour traffic on the metro ring road.

    Had an absolute blast, was nervous as hell.
  4. She's done very well, much better than I was on my first ride.
    I resorted to riding around the block for up to 2 weeks before I was game enough to venture out. :oops:
  5. Same here. I've posted my experience with my first ride to work, that was nerve wracking. Now it's all coming together nicely.

    Well done to the OPs Mrs for her first ride. May there be plenty more to come!!
  6. finished the course the Sunday evening, got home, road the bike in the neighborhood for an hour or two, road to work the next morning.. wasn't scared or anything, was more about having a blast while doing that.
    never looked back since :)

    Poor car is getting neglected though :(

    EDIT: my first sprited run (which ended up being a week later) was the 1st time I made a mistake, where my eyes fixed on the outside of a corner causing me to go there and run wide... stood up and got on the brakes...
    made outta the corner fine.. I then thought to myself.. "Oi fcuk head look through the corner" and since then I've been fine :)
  7. 1st ride - picked up the bike in Elizabeth Street and road it to Top end of Latrobe Street where I work....hmmm, about 500 metres.

    What should have been a quick warm up to prepare for me for a ride home that night was a cracker! No paddle pops and fairy floss here..

    Combination of Friday Lunch time peak hour, bus loads of Tourists, taxis ignoring Hook Turn signs, Taxi drivers in front and behind me abusing each other whilsts being abused from other cars all at the same time as pedestrians who should be waiting for a green man are dordling to watch what is happening so dont see me hook turning right. A few push bike couriers decide to nail straight across the Tram tracks all at the same time as Im forgetting everything that I was taught only 24hours before hand. (Got some white knuckle fever)

    Throw in a stall for me and a 'no real reason for it' emergency brake that I didnt even really plan, its just kind of happened when I got a hit of nerves as I saw a car ahead attempt to reverse park (Totally involuntary).

    As I hooted it up Latrobe Street to get the F*** out of everyones life I just remember thinking "jeez, it wasnt like that in the damn brochure!"

    These days, being more calm and confident, these same situations just dont seem so scary, just more so a test of your patience/skill and list of how many adjectives you can swap for words beginning with F as you motor on past in reasonable safety n haste.

    Glad it happened as was good straight up exposure to the real world of CBD riding and an experience I reflected on and learnt heaps from.
  8. I can't remember the first time I rode a bike, but the first memory that stands out is when I was 8 or 9, I was showing off on my 1977 xr75 and wheelied it (unintentionally) in to a barbed wire fence. good times huh, now looking back I can't see how that bike survived the constant beatings my brothers and i gave it.

    I want another dirt bike now.....
  9. Wow - she's got balls (so to speak, I hope she doesn't really have balls)

    I stayed local for a while then only rode on weekends when I wasn't in a rush to get to work and fight peak hour.

    Good on you Melbgirl :grin:
  10. You'll be pleased to know that I have no balls :grin:

    Going straight onto the freeway wasn't a choice .... we live in an estate right off the highway so unfortunately it's just a case of 'suck it up and deal with it'.

    This morning's ride was a lot better and I think I got to the speed limit in a reasonable amount of time :grin:
  11. Q-ride was 1st time on the road. Thought we'd warm somewhere out the back of the shop. Was informed we would be riding about 10k away, through the centre of Mackay. OK, it's not Sydney, but is scary enough and is full of dickhead drivers. I don't like driving there let alone riding. So was absolutely shitting. Pulled out of the dealers, first set of lights, was the only one caught as I watched everyone ride around the corner. great start. Was not the 1st to stall though. That honour went to someone far more experienced than me. Did not die and once through the centre, was laughing the rest of the way. Anyway, went and did our slow stuff and then went for a blast through the cane. Brilliant. Stayed at the back, had a ball catching up when I fell to far back. DRZ400SM was the toy of the day.
  12. my first ever was (besides L's course) the picking up my first (and current) bike from a private sale (excluding the 2 minute blat 'test ride' down the street 4 days earlier).

    Got a mate to drive me out there in my car, rode from point cook to melbourne on freeway, thought the 'power' (zzr250) was awesom (coming from a family sedan), got to the free way, then started to experience wind at 100km/h.

    Got used to that, almost merged into a car (discovered helmets restrict vision alot), was worried my mate following me in my car would get tail ended by that truck following him to closely and headed towards the westgate bridge.

    Saw the bridge, felt the wind, shit myself and turned off!! Mate pulled up, "where are you going?"; "fcuk that, find a route around the damn bridge, melways behind the seat!".

    New route, start riding (straight line piloting, 'awesome' 250 'power'), then i get to footscray road. Driven that road a million times, and thought, "fcuk it, i've waited 4 years to get a bike, lets enjoy it now"... i soon realized my bike will only push 160ish and the next thing i knew i was in the city.

    A week later the realization caught up to me that i finally owned a bike and was enjoying it so much...
  13. :LOL: :LOL: Love to see that on Youtube :!: :LOL:
  14. Got the bike on a thursday, rode around for two hours then went to work. On the friday the batt was flat but my mate drove me around to get a new one. Went for a nice long ride to charge up the new batt and ran out of fuel =] pushed the bike onto a median strip then crossed at the pedestrian crossing to get into the servo to get more fuel! It was nice cold and went day but it was all good :cool:
  15. Mine was pretty easy, just kept to local streets and ventured out onto main roads a few times.

    I've ridden in the rain, over tram lines, peak hour, in the wind and fog so far. Last obstacle is the freeway, might give it a go in the next few days.
  16. mates 1990 gpx250 about 15 years ago. now i have one... will this cycle ever end ?.. my first ride in melbourne earlier this year was a little interesting while test riding. not the trams the white vans..