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first ride back and almost crushed by a porker

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ch12matt, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Well its been a long time since I went for a propper ride on a bike( third time iv gotten my l's now due to letting them expire). So I jumped on my girlfriends dads drz 400 as my new bikes not here yet. Rode from muswellbrook to Newcastle with a stop in Maitland, it rained almost all of the day so it was a bit slippery. As I got to maitland I was being followed by a bright purple cop car, pulled up at a set of lights and had a glance in the mirror to see where my friend was and to my horror his 45 to where he should be facing all wheels locked and coming at me fast picked a spot in the traffic dropped the clutch just in time for him to not clean me up, wheel well up across the road, looked behind me and his come to a stop in the middle of the road still 45 with cars all around him. Havnt been this angry in a long time, some people need a wake up call.

  2. you nearly got copcaked!!

    Well done on your response. Wheel well up across the road? Style!
  3. dude you should have whipped out the phone and taken pics.
    cop would have been munched big time for that
  4. I didn't have the balls to let go in fear of getting t'd by a car. I didn't have my phone on me and even if I did I wouldn't have even thought about it, just lucky I wasn't a "copcake"
  5. Nice job avoiding getting mashed but i'd like to know how a car with ABS and ESC can end up 'all locked up' and at 45deg under brakes?
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  6. ABS is switchable
    ESC too?
  7. Modern highway patrol vehicles are fitted with ABS and ESC/VSC as has been mentioned. I highly doubt it was switched off, though is possible.

    Don't really like the chances of a fully fledged highway patrol vehicle going broadside down the road towards a set of lights though.
  8. Only way to turn ABS off is pull the fuse.
  9. who mentioned ABS?
  10. DrMat, and it seems relevant to the "all wheels locked" in a police car part of the fairy tale.

    ABS is not switchable in any of the cars the police use AFAIK and I really doubt they'd pulled the fuse.

    +1 vote to troll.
  11. D'Oh!
    didn't notice that.