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First ride and things learned...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zaphod69, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hi everybody!

    Took the bike out this afternoon for my first ride - learnt lots even before leaving my driveway.

    1. Bikes don't run for long if you dont turn the petrol on.
    2. Finding the friction point is easier with summer gloves.

    I drove down our street then turned right into a side street that loops around and comes back out on our street. Give way to a car coming the other way, turn right, turn indicator off and drive around (very carefully). Get to the bottom intersection where I must turn left back onto our street - quick check shows I need to stop and give way to another car. Come to a stop, put left foot down - but not fast enough. Realise I'm about to drop the bike so hit the kill switch before trying to control the drop as slowly as possible. Lay the bike down and stand next to it looking like a goose. Pick the bike back up. Start off again, ride it home, park it and slowly think over what I've done.

    1. No damage to the bike.
    2. Need to practice, practice, practice slow speed control.
    3. This doesn't have more than 2 wheels - need to get the foot down when stopping (derrrr.......)

    Back to my paddock to practice.

    Oh, and a piccy of my bike (bought home on Saturday).


  2. Well you're thinking about everything and that's the main thing. Even though you probably feel a little goofy now you'll be better for the experience.

    Small steps in the first few weeks like you're doing. Get familiar with the startup procedure. Small rides gradually increasing speeds and traffic and like you said practice, practice.

    Congratulations on getting this far and don't be discouraged.
  3. Think of it this way, in three months time, you'll be feeling more confident and racking up the k's. That's about how long I've been riding for and just had my second service done on the bike.

    Riding is a continuous learning experience:wink:

    Nice looking bike too. :)
  4. get out of the paddock with that thing..
  5. Thanks for the encouragement - I'll certainly be keeping at it.

    When I say "paddock" it's my large back yard - not a farm paddock, but I get your point - it's a road bike.

    Have a great day!

    Wayne :grin:
  6. nice one.. go have some fun..
  7. Don't worry Wayne we have all been down that track (well I certainly have)

    An empty car park is a great place to practice your slow riding skills which are VITAL.

    Just take your time and it will all come together.

    Stay safe.
  8. Reminding me of my first ride ever....

    took 4 hrs of the 1st class (2 classes to get L), decided to get the bike prior to the 2nd classes. The bike was delivered to my work, and I had to ride it home........ ahahahahahaha I stalled a few times, got into a fight with an audi driver (well my fault.... ahahaha). Seriously dont follow me.

    I'd suggest my, just got his L, mate to take a ride during weekends on a not-so busy road. always have an experience rider riding behind you.