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first ride... and shiz

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cronus, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. w00t got my bike on monday, the 2000 zxr250S, mechanically awesome and with a few scrotches and cosmetic damage, but nothin worse then i might accedently do to it, lol.
    Road it home to somerville on the mornington penisula from hawthorn so not a bad first ride, and it was awesome, got on it the very next day and rode it to work, and couldnt wait for the end of the day to ride home again.
    and today even in this shit weather, rode it to and from work again and still loved it, but was being more careful on the wet roads, took the advice of other members in another thread and leaned my body over more in turns to keept he bike more upright and it works a treat :grin: love it, and wont stop anytime soon.

  3. are they like damage from when u scratch ur crotch while riding? :LOL: :LOL:

    mmm slap some piccies up mate! congrats on getting on the road :) im back today, bike's been @ the mech's for the past 4 weeks :(

    w00t!! :grin:
  4. Well Done Cronis and congrats mate !!!!!!
    Ive found its best to just get out there .. rain or shine ;-)
    :rofl: :rofl: nibor :rofl: :rofl:
    Hey Nibor ... sucks about the insurance .. glad you got your baby back.
    Careful ok .... and yep .. Dont crash :shock: