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First Ride........(Again!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bass_player, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Well I spent most of Friday night awake, too excited to sleep as I was picking the Spada up on Saturday morning :D . Finally got out, exchanged cash and details then had to wait a frustrating 25 minutes on hold to the insurance company to get a cover note :x . I finally got through did all the usual crap like rego and vin numbers and then I was off. It was awesome. Doesn't feel like I have been off the road for over 3 years. Ride home went without incident untill about 500m from home (picked the bike up about 40-50km away). Some idiot pulls out of a side street straight infront of me. I get on both brakes. Front wheel locks. Note to self - front brake is a little touchy! :shock: Somehow manage to find the horn too. Idiot gives me the finger as bike starts to slide out. Get off the front brake and somehow manage to gain control and not drop the Spada. I pull over to calm down a little. Get home in one piece. Immediately adjust the controls to suit myself. Front brake not so touchy now :) . Apart from that one incident its been great back out on the road. Nearly clocked up 300km on Saturday and Sunday. Bloody raining today so I had to catch the train again :x . oh well there is always tomorrow.

  2. yikes, a near-miss on the way home; does someone have a radar for new riders/bikes, linked to some nutso drivers, or something???
  3. probably... something like this you reakon Hornet??

    The "new riders are easy"-dar

    when activated, it finds the nearest new rider and aranges for a numnuts cager to "visit" sometimes even with abusive pasenger if deemed necessary by the programming.

    there is no known counter measure other than a boot to the offending car door prior to impact
  4. Wow at least it was a miss and not a hit hey!

    Great stuff tho, you gonna make it to a wednesday coffee now mate?
  5. Sounds about right Drew
  6. :LOL: :LOL:

    At the very least you'd probably shut the abusive passenger up
  7. id prefer ta shoot em....

    would stop the "hand signals" then.

    not that i ride yet....... just getting prepared before i do! :) :lol
  8. Hopefully. Ill have to see what time the missus is playing netball. She watches me play cricket for 6 hours on saturdays so i'd be a bit of an asshole if i didn't watch her netball on a Wednesday night
  9. "watchin the missus" play netball is one of the only valid excuses I'll ever take... ;)

    I used to score for my gal's team just so I had the excuse to come each week without lookin too excited :p

    mmmmm netball skirts....
  10. Hey fbf, I like the sidecar-gunner idea, we need to have one of them outside every dealership and registry office to escort new riders safely home. Would be fun ! :D
  11. The best thing is its always cold and windy out there.........
  12. :D

    Classic mate! I could just see it now....

    Cager 1 - haha L platers, man lets go mess with them
    Passenger 1 - yeah bloody learners lets get up their arse and overtake leaving then less the 6 inches between us....

    L plater escorter rider - Bogans 5 o clock, crappy white commonwhore, fire at will...
    L plater escorter gunner - Woo hoo!! I have the bogandore in sight *rat-a-tat-tat*