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First ride after Ls

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 2Fast, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Disclaimer: This is not a new bike thread, therefore pics of a new bike will not be included. This will be done in due time. Please don't hurt me.

    Took delivery of my bike yesterday afternoon then took it out for a spin.

    First thing I noticed is, the I4 of the bandit, is waaaay different to the CBF250 I used at HART. Stalled more times than I can count, sometimes 3 times in a row trying to take off, which was not really a huge problem, as i was just in quiet backstreets near my house. What I need to do is slow down with the take off, and get used to the friction point, it's such a fine line between a take off and a stall and not be affraid to give it some revs.

    My perception of speed is whack, I was going about 30-40kms/h, but it seemed much higher, being out in the elements, with the wind blowing around me is strange.

    But holy crap, it's fantastic.
    I had a grin on my face that could be seen from space. Can't wait for the weekend.
  2. Congrats on your first ride! and you got better weather coming up to keep practising in.

    After a few thousand k's you'll be starting to be really comfortable with the new machine and your ability will be going in leaps and bounds.

    Watch for bad habits, and take baby steps into the world of mean nasty traffic. Make sure you practise low speed stuff in empty carparks etc. Things like takeoffs, hill starts, u-turns, sharp corners etc. All stuff you will encounter on the road.

    Most importantly, stay rubber side down!
  3. +1 Campag
    I went from a single cylinder SL230 to the I4 Hornet, the difference in engine behavior was incredible. Over time You get used to it.
  4. I hear ya on the speed thing. I have been driving for 3 years and got used to what 60km/h felt like. First day on the bike I was like 'man I must be FLYING right now........oh...I am doing 35km/h'

    Still, turning up to work this week on the bike was pretty awesome. Cold......but awesome nonetheless. :cool:
  5. Hey 2Fast you will get used to it each bike has it's own feel and that can sometimes even apply to 2 bikes that are the same so ride often and get out on some of the organised rides if you can, & as Kawasaki say Let the good times roll