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First Ride ~400kms

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rashpocket, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. So, i went down to Sydeney to purchase a 03 Aprilia RS125 i'd seen on Ebay. I live in Orange so it was a 5~6 hour bus ride and train ride.so when i got to Sydney i was pretty tired.

    By the way i have absolute no idea about Sydney and how to get around in the slightest. So i managed to catch a train from Central to Atarman to meet this bloke. we meet and had some lunch and then he let me take her for a test ride. :twisted:
    she sounded sweet and it was an awsome ride. so i barted him down from $3200 to $3000 and and i agreed to purchse it including a new piston rings gudgen pin and other small things included in the deal. Mind you the bike had done 10, 000 k's and had 12 months rego with a complete service history and no scratches or dings and a new tyga performance pipe fitted and chamber.
    So i strapped on my L plates and headed for home.

    I met a mate at Lindfield for directions to get out of Sydney. Well he just said try and find the harbour bridge and cross it and you'll be right. :LOL:
    so i fueled up and set off along the pacific highway, (i think that is what it was called, -running through Lindfield) whatever, erm so i take a rights and lefts and find myself in the city, so im looking for signs that lead to the harbour bridge and battling with the bike at every stop praying that i dont stall...

    i find the bridge and cross it and finally get out to the parramatta road and onto the M4, this is where cars are screaming past me and trucks are racing past almost blowing me off my little 2T. this is at about 3-4pm.
    I finally get into the mountains and it turns dark.. :shock:
    so im putting around the mountains in pitch black and its raining, and my helmet is foggy as hell and im cold.

    So i persevere on and get into lithgow then bathurst whilst the rain poors and im shitting myself the entire way.

    But i got home safely and the bike handled it fine and that was my ride.
  2. Great stuff, sounds like a great deal and a fun first day :)
  3. .. and when you feel fairly confident go for a run to bathurst and do a couple of laps of Mt Pam. At the speed limit ONLY.(used to be a few blue and white taxis residing in the houses around the track)...Good fun even slow, dipper is a barsted first time...:twisted:
  4. Super, nothing like diving in at the deep end. Great report, too.
  5. Haha, good times, I bet you felt good when you made it home :grin:
  6. it felt like the deep end too after i stalled it on paramatta road in rush hour :p
  7. Well done mate.
  8. Sounds like a baptism of fire, at least the baptism bit, anyway :LOL:

    Well done, that's a brave venture!
  9. Onya. Good first ride! I've done a similar trip (starting in Newcastle), it blows when you are in Lithgow and travel further west in the afternoon, cause even though you are going into a warmer region, the setting sun means you are cold the whole way to Dubbo (well that's when I got to stop anyway).
  10. Awesome work!!

    Enjoy the new ride. :cool:
  11. Congrats on the new wheels and glad you got it home you must have been pretty keen to go that far for a 125 stroker
  12. And he did it on bus, then train with no idea around Sydney!!

    I drove to Warnambool in Vic from the ACT to get my bike cose it was a bargain but had to trailer it home cose i didnt have my license :(
  13. the thing is i didnt really care if i got lost i just wanted to keep on riding.
    i really wouldnt care if it took me all day just to leave the city coz i was having so much fun zipping through and around the traffic.
    it only took me an hour to gather the confidence to start flying through the piled up traffic and around parked cars.
  14. lol nice story :)
  15. Awesome story. :grin:

    I suspect this might make a few people wince.

    I've only been commuting a month on my beast, and I try to keep it at the off-times to the rush hour traffic, so the only near-misses I've had have been self-inflicted. However, in my experience driving my cage around, Sydney drivers are on the whole a bunch of dangerous, self-absorbed, distracted nitwits who drive too fast for the conditions, and don't look before changing lanes.

    I know you're not from 'round these parts, but if you ever do find yourself in city traffic again, be a little circumspect.

    Grats on the bike :)
  16. what an exciting first ride :cool: :cool:
  17. Gratz on the bike and ride. Stay safe though.