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First ride, 2008 R1 ! (with pics)...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nickers330, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Hi folks,
    Well, having just arrived back in Oz from some time overseas (again), my agonizing 2 week wait is finally over !
    I posted a topic ~ 2 weeks ago regarding my new 2008 R1 (black)...and today, 18th Aug, was my first ride. Here's what I thought :

    * Beautiful feel ! I knew I would love this bike from the moment I released the clutch for it's first 'takeoff'...this is a special bike !
    * Light, easy steering - point-and-shoot ! Much easier to ride (especially during turns) than GSXR750 (K7) which feels 'heavier' whilst turning, though each has its own merits
    * Higher seat (835mm), seems comfortable, wider bars- nice feel...
    * Power ? Stupendous !!! Don't get me wrong - the Gixer is fast, but this is an ANIMAL ! Though still limited to 8300rpm till 1600km ODO (yes, this bike is barely run in yet !), it packs a mean punch and 'he' really wants to get up and go, even with a mere 5000rpm on the dial...and the growl from the twin Akra pipes ? Divine !

    So, I saddled up and took the beast for an 80km gentle (mostly) ride, where "Black Knight" formally introduced his massive available power curve to me. Woooooaaaaaah, was my first expression ! Respect where respect is due, and tonight, Black Knight earnt mine. Taking him out for a longish ride on Wed 19th (erm.. today.. why am I still awake ?) - can't wait.

    Anyway, as promised here are some pics taken 2 days ago. All mods/accessories fitted, except for clear indicators, which only arrived in store yesterday-having them fitted ASAP. Also fitting a Billet (gold) alloy rego holder, from auSFR (fantastic, prompt service!), as well as gold 'piston' type valve caps. I couldn't stand having a white plate on a black bike, so a black plate (standard) has been ordered and will be fitted to the bike in the next few days.
    Hope you like the pics :


    [​IMG] Total of 1227km before my first ride - bike not even broken in yet !


    Apart from the other gold accessories, note the gold fuel cap bolts..a very trick addition.

    What can I say ? I'm hooked on the R1 ... a beautiful, powerful bike with 'presence'. Very happy with my purchase and highly recommend the Yamaha R1 as anyone's first Litre bike..love mine !
  2. NICE!!

    Were you too excited to sleep?
  3. Looks awesome mate, welcome to the family. Good to know I’m not the only 08 R1 here. Gonna have to go for a thrash once you’ve broken her in.
    Now get rid of that heat guard on the right hand side and show those pipes off, and get the pegs and pillion peg powder coated black while your there.
  4. Looks the 'goods' man, well done. Well worth the wait methinks?

  5. Awesome bike, good to hear your so happy with it. I hope your ride is going well today
  6. Firstly, thanks to the Mod who moved my post from General Discussion to here - not only was I too excited to be paying proper attention, but silly me was typing at 5am !

    Thanks guys for all your nice comments. About to set out on a ride to Whittlesea, Kinglake, Yarra Glen, Healesville, Lilydale, Templestowe and back to northern suburbs..as it's suuuuuuch a nice day.

    Sinner - thanks for the creative tips dude. Powdercoating the rear/pillion sets black was a recommendation from the Yamaha service centre recently, where I had the bike's first 1000km service done. Will definitely get this done.

    Hope to meet the 'R1 Family' soon :)
    I'm loving this bike guys. In the words of the great man :
    'R E S P E K '...Bouyakasha !
  7. I've got the exact same bike \:D/ , picked it up with 0 kms last Saturday, booked in for 1000km service this Friday :LOL: Out of interest, what oil did they put in yours at the first service?

    Beautiful bike to ride hey, so agile and easy to handle. Those pipes look the goods too, i'll be getting the same ones eventually. How loud are they?

    Remember, you're not limited to 8300 rpm, they just don't recommend prolonged periods above it :wink:
  8. Congratulations mate! She is so beautiful in raven black :cool:

    Edit: Do you know what's the build date of the bike?
  9. Congrats on the bike!

    Just wondering if you can give abit more details of the difference between 07 gsxr 750 to the r1?

    I've had the 07 gsxr 750 and am considering stepping up to the litre aswell.
  10. Your bikes are insane! Really like the pipe under the seat thing!
  11. livingstonest :

    Mate, everyone frets and cr*ps themselves with the mere mention of an upgrade to a Litre bike ! Whilst maturity and having a controlled throttle wrist are imperative, I found the R1 not only a pleasure to ride, but EASIER than the Gixer ! Don't get me wrong...I still love the Gixer and will be very sad to see it go - have someone coming up all the way from Geelong to see it shortly..first person, so I'm confident he'll be buying it..

    As soon as I saddled up on the new beast, it just felt GOOD. Higher seat, more comfy feel.. with the Gixer you sit 'into' it.. on the R1, you sit on it..if you know what I mean. The R1 seems to tip into a corner much easier than the Gixer750, which required a more pronounced 'push', or weight shift to do what the R1 does so effortlessly..lighter steering. Both bikes are on factory settings - no adjustments to suspension in any way.

    In the space of about 3 days, I've put around 400km on the R1, and it's been an absolute dream to ride ! Most have been saying that typical km on a tank is around 180. Yesterday, whilst up at Broadford I was showing 200km on TRIP A..with no 'low fuel' warning light to be seen. Not taking any chances, I decided to pull in and fill up. End result - 13 Lts uplift, meaning another 5Lts remaining ! (Fuel light comes on at 3.2Lt).. so the range (again dependant on various factors) could be expected around the 190-230km band, also based on how the bike is ridden, and I wasn't exactly riding it 'easy' :)

    I love my new bike, the R1 and although I'll miss the all-round excellent package of the GSXR750 K7, it's a welcome upward step to the R1. I highly recommend the R1 to anyone keen on an upgrade, and the 2008 model is magnificent. But of course, you should all know there's bias now forming on that comment ;)

  12. Very, very nice. I'd just get rid of the pilion pegs altogether if you're not going to be needing them :)
  13. As long as you like it.
  14. Thanks for the response Nick. That's interesting i thought that the gsxr would've tipped in better.

    Loved the 750 gsxr, handled brilliantly. Only problem with it is in suburbia its extremely dull going from 1st-2nd gear back and forth.

    I've been considering switching to motard or lower capacity 600 which hopefully might make it more fun. Still always in the back of the mind there's always the thought of what it'd be like to have a litre bike.
  15. Awesome. Grats on the bike. :) Moar pics!
  16. welcome to the yamaha brotherhood :) enjoy
  17. Nice bike mate. Enjoy
  18. livingstonest,

    Mate, I have a soft spot for the Gixer and I'll certainly miss it come this Wednesday, when the new owner picks it up. To me, it is the ultimate street sports package on 2 wheels...beautiful, great handling and with a gorgeous power-to-weight ratio that'll give most Litre bikes a run for their money. I certainly wasn't trying to make the Gixer appear inferior to the R1. My excitement (call it joy ; bias ) took over :)

    My comparison, now further amended with 600km on the R1 remains that the 2 bikes do indeed have a different feel, but I guess that's expected when considering 2 different manufacturers, and the different setup of the 2 bikes. The R1 is a wonderful package, as is the GSXR750. Both dream bikes-similar in some ways, different in others.

    I wish I could keep the Gixer750K7, but I can't justify having 2 sportsbikes at present. I will definitely return to one sometime in the near future.

    For now, I'm loving the new feel and raw power of the R1, a very easy ride but one which demands respect. I asked for advice from fellow R1 riders prior to my acquisition and what they passed onto me couldn't be further from the truth - the R1 is gorgeous...powerful and in my opinion portrays a certain 'presence' on the road...but that's maybe coz mine's Black (together with my gear) - If I was to ever afix a personalised plate to it, it would be 'EVLR1'..it looks like an angry evil b*st*rd.
    Which reminds me - my Halo 'demon eyes' (red) arrived from the US 2 days ago.. I can't wait to have them installed. Stay tuned for more pics to come.

    Again, thanks everyone for all your nice comments.
  19. No doubt the r1 looks like a mean machine. Can't wait to see the new lights on.
  20. Nickers - can i ask how much you paid for your 'beast' please?

    I'm leaning heavily towards the black/gold 08 r6 but i'm also keen on jumping the 600 and going stright to litre bike as i've had them before but just preferred the 6 for weight reasons.

    I'd be keen to know if the prices differ a hell of a lot as i can pick up a 08 r6 with less than 2k on the clock for just under 14k