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First review Honda CBF1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by amcq, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Given the small amount of comment on this site about this bike, I thought I would give you a review of the cbf1000 which I own.
    Firstly a little bit of context: Why did I buy this bike?
    I have recently become fully licensed, and have spent the better part of a year looking for an all round bike that I could do a bit of everything on year round, with a relaxed riding position, but not something I would get bored with too quickly.
    Being 5ft9 I did not want something too unmanageable, I have not found the weight on this bike to be an issue, the size of this bike is perfect for my height and weight.
    The ride is great the engine is very smooth and progressive, the detuned fireblade motor has strong torque throughout the rev range, and seems to propel the bike effortlessly, and the performance is more than adequate for me, but not as sharp as an FZ1. The motor has a nice sound even with standard pipes
    The suspension feels very sure footed and solid, seems to soak up the bumps with a reassuring confidence.
    I have not tested the abs or used the brakes heavily as I am still running the bike in.
    Underseat storage is enough for a dlock or maybe thin rain pants at a stretch. A helmet loop and cable is included.
    Build quality is up to the usual high standards of Honda, the fit and finish is good.
    I got this bike for less than the rrp, at a similar price to a Suzuki Bandit with Abs. I prefer this bike to the bandit, because it is slightly narrower and feels lighter, however the bandit is just as smooth.
    The instrumentation is simple, but functional, there is no temperature gauge just a warning light.
    I use this bike for commuting and doing rides on the weekend (when I get a leave pass), the bike is about right for my experience and skill level, and would recommend it to anyone who wants an all round bike, that is easy to ride an does most things well. At RRP I think the bike is a bit overpriced, but if you can get it for a little less it’s worth it.

    This is my first review any feedback would appreciated

  2. Hi,

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, I was wondering if you could give an update now that you have had the bike for some time. I was also interested in running costs.

  3. Hi slik,

    I too used to ride a GS500 before I moved to the CBF1000. Trust me, you'll find the ergos instantly familiar the nano second your arse hits the seat. I was only halfway around the test ride and I felt like I'd always owned it - everything I reached for was exactly where I expected it to be.

    I find I can comfortably eek out about 300km per tank - so not a drastic difference to your current ride. Of course, unlike the GS if you wind on the right wrist liberally it is easy for all that to go out the window. But that's hardly surprising because the GS seems totally anaemic once you've been at the controls of the big black torque-monster.

    I use the CBF for both commuting and touring. I don't find it at all cumbersome in the traffic or parking, and can comfortably punch out the hours day after day on longer rides (which was something of a test of willpower on the 500).

    There aren't really many niggling issues that I've discovered other than the fact that Honda were too cheap to fit it with either a reserve or a warning light. But maybe that's what the second trip-meter is for! :p

    If you have any other questions about the transition or just about the bike in general, I'm more than happy to share my take on it all.

    ...and lastly due to the financial situation Honda have decided to suspend bringing more bikes into the country and as a result the bike is currently heavily discounted (a couple of thou below rrp). And you can easily squeeze the dealers for a bit more on top of that.
  4. My brother is in the market for a new bike after recently selling his much loved CBR600Fi and is close to buying a CBF1000 so I've sent him a link to this thread :grin:

    The only dealer to offer him a demo ride was Metro Motorcycles so even though Peter Stevens would probably undercut Metro's price he wants to reward them with his business. :)

    note: Actually his ideal bike would be a VFR (always loves riding mine :wink: ) but he is only considering bikes with ABS and Honda in all their wisdom is only bringing in the non-ABS version into Australia :roll: