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first really close call!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by csgup1, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. this happened oer at monash uni in clayton .

    finished uni and warmed me bike up at usual. got out onto the road that leads from one end of the uni to another. its a normal 2 lane road , with a few speed humps.

    was in the right lane and came up to a car that was in the left lane. i could see the drivers face so i wasnt in his blind spot either. neways out of nowwhere the D@#$Head decides to change lanes without indicating . and this wasnt a smooth change of lanes either. more like a i'll cut you off roadrage type of lane change. half way into my lane sees me and cuts back into his own lane.
    when he decided to change lanes, my front tyre would have been around his back door (was a mazda 3 i think). i slam on the brakes and my front locks up and steps out throwing me off balance into a violent suverve. somehow manage to catch the bike at the last possible second .
    Dunno if that was the right thing to do but that was all i could manage to do.
    tyres were dead cold too so dunno how much that had to do with it .

    all the guy did was raise his right hand and zoom off , while i was trying got keep my bike upright

    neways managed to get a look at the driver. have seen him around uni. will have a chat with him next time i see him.
  2. just a chat??? :shock: kinda sux but alot of cars dont even head check.... or check at all for that matter.... nice work on being able to miss out on an accident though.... remember your training.... ride like everyone else is out to kill you....
  3. It sucks that there are cage drivers out there who drive around so carelessly. I am glad that you managed to avoid an accident though, you definitely need to constantly ride as though you are invisible.
  4. i ve ridden in india before where there are hardly any road rules where pretty much everyone is out to kill you. although one good thging about riding in india is that you can use your horn as much as you like. its used to pretty much tell the other cars that you are there. so you can put one finger on the horn and lanesplit as much as you want .

    but this guy didnt even look in his mirrors before changing lanes. wonder how he got his liscence
  5. Heck..must be the day for it. I had my first close call today as well csgup1. Riding into San Remo...white car behind me...I indicate (with plenty of time to go) to turn left at the upcoming intersection .... left turning lane begins and just before I move into it, I decide to do a headcheck (great things these headchecks!) :) and sure enough, there's the white car, now in the left lane, speeding up alongside me... she saw me looking at her, realised she shouldn't have done what she'd done and braked to give me room to get in there....I shook my head....continuously, cancelled my indicator and continued on to the next turn off further up.

    Stay safe peoples. :)
  6. i must get all of the mean bastards. third time gettin onto a freeway, this guy starts moving into the next lane to let me inso i start moving across, look over my shoulder to double check that theres noone else coming up when i see the bastard cut back to where i was and he looked straight at me when he did it. :evil: all those 4 letter words that sound really great when shouted out of a car window, sound really crap inside a full face helmet! :oops: :mad:
  7. Don't slam on the brakes - ever - easy to do, yet hard to remember at the time :) Yes I'd be 'having a chat' too - a vigorous one if you know what I mean.
  8. had no other option i recon . there was the road divider to the right of me so nowwhere to suverve and the car movin into me from the left . it was either slam on the brakes or have it crash into me side-on.

    or am i missing some other way to have avoided it??

    did crap mytself and slamming the brakes was definately my first reaction tho
  9. had no other option i recon . there was the road divider to the right of me so nowwhere to suverve and the car movin into me from the left . it was either slam on the brakes or have it crash into me side-on.

    or am i missing some other way to have avoided it??

    did crap mytself and slamming the brakes was definately my first reaction tho
  10. I think Ezyryder means that to "slam" on the brakes is not as effective as progressive pressure. You're far more likely to lock your front wheel.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure of that... I've been nearly killed twice by motorists who ran red lights and were totally unaware of anything but themselves.
    I can tell you right now that the words and the volume of those words were more than enough to get my point across.... And if that didn't work, trying to punch-on with the truck driver while three other people tried to hold me back probably cleared things up!

    In most cases, I think it is a little more scary if you can actually hear a biker screaming abuse at you, even though they're wearing a full-face helmet.

    If you do see this dude around uni, I'd explain to him, in somewhat graphic detail, exactly what you will do to him if his driving causes you to scratch your bike.

    But, hey, maybe I have anger issues..? :)
  12. aah

    yea makes more sense now
    sorry .

    am looking foward to that lil 'chat' now .

    operation 'hunt for cage driver in uni' is officially under way.

    any ideas what i should 'talk' to him about??

    insult ideas welcome as well.
  13. i confuntation with a cager today as well...
    i'm waiting in an intersection to turn right. there's a lady in an on coming car indicating to turn right. so i start to make my move half way though she starts honking agressivly... turns out that she was indicating to go straight ahead... Snoozer
    i really must check the road rules on indicating :)
  14. aah indicators again .

    you got into trouble coz somebody was too lazy to turn their indicators off . me coz some a$$%#le was too lazy to turn em on .
  15. Ezyryder is spot on, brake control in emergencies is important, but however you did it, good on you for avoiding the accident and keeping the bike up. I did a lot of years at Monash so I can picture you circumstances pretty well. The road divider gives you nowhere to swerve. There was always a LOT of dodgy drivers on campus, especially those clueless P-platers in their BMWs.... :eek:hno: :furious:

    As for what to say to him when you find him, keep in mind that he didn't deliberately cut you off, he was just stupid. A constructive conversation on how he could improve his driving skills and not potentially injure or kill a motorcyclist is probably more productive than letting fly with the abuse (as tempting as it would be).....but if he doesn't respond well to the 'nice' approach, call him out for being the d$#*head that he is and let him have it!! :furious:

    Best of luck on the hunt, let us know how it goes.
  16. yea the nice turn nasty approach .

    this guy was driving a mazda 6 . prolly was thinking how 'fully sic' his car is .

    would it have hurt him to slow down, roll down his window and apologize before speeding off??

    cheers fellas . got an exam tomo. prolly isnt a bad idea to start studying now.

    im thinking about getting leather pants and a good set of boots after today.
  17. Thanks Cam and Cs - that's exactly what I was referring to :) Read my recent post on 'how many offs' - I've learnt the hard way :shock:
  18. not defending the driver at all. but i drive a mazda 3 for work.... it's one of the worst cars in terms of visibility, and also the left mirror is shockingly innacurate, and doesn't come with an "objects in rear view..." warning. don't hang about the rear doors of them dude you won't get seen. the mirror is too recessed into the cover making it hard to see. i'm constantly headchecking and i still can't see anything.
  19. Congrates and well done on keeping the bike up right. Still I bet your heart was racing at a million bpm, next time chase him down and put a little reminder in his door :) ... No, don't actually do that cos it will ruin the prictine reputation that us motorbike riders have. :)
  20. :shock: :shock: WTF were you doing there ??

    You are the only one responsible for your safety, Im sure you have heard of cars changing lanes without looking or indicating, in realality land - where we live - if a driver looks and indicates before changing lanes, it is completely unexpected - we put it down to a fluke of nature -

    "Geez, whats he doing ? Must have just seen something off the side of the road to the right and while looking at it bumped the indicator and then after a short pause let the car drift slowly across to the next lane !!!"

    Why were you next to the car ?? if you were behind of infront of it, then he can swerve all over the place and it means nothing to you.

    Why put yourself at risk and biatch about it when you nearly get hurt ??