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First real twisty ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. #1 Oldmaid, Dec 1, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
    So I went on a group ride this Saturday past-I was the only P plater everyone else had lots and lots of experience. I was in the middle of a group of about 12 bikes.
    Anyway we took off from Berowra and went down some good tight corners towards the punt. I did myself reasonably proud and handled the real tight ones with aplomb ( if not slightly brown pants...) even avoided a truck doing a three point turn to get around the corner.

    Then down to Galston to the punt- handled those corners as well and was pleased to be told that I was taking a good line etc. But holy hell do some of these guys'n'gals lay the rubber. I had to avoid the temptation to try and keep up- I would have been road kill for sure! But after Spencer we went down ? Bumble Hill and I got the heebie jeebies (why???) and sat on the brakes too much.

    Once I got down the bottom we headed towards Dooralong. I was so cranky with myself for being a gutless wonder going down that hill, I then stopped looking at the speedo and just let myself get into it more -I was really starting to crack the corners really well with a good lean, I even did a nice evasive swerve around a suicidal duck! I know it was probably a bit reckless but I was really taking a lot of corners at a fair speed but I really felt in control and the people following, bless 'em, said I was looking good with a nice lean.

    I am really addicted to those twisties now but will really have to watch the speed a bit or I will find myself minus my Ps....but it felt sooooo good and I felt like the bike was a part of me (although after 4 hours of riding I struggled to throw my stumpy little leg over to get off the bike so almost literally was attached). Riding like that also felt like a real turn on - is that off- too much information?;-)
    I can't wait for my next serious twistie ride seems like an excellent a way to relieve any type of tension!:troll:

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  2. Goodo. Just a suggestion, paragraphs make for much easier reading.
  3. I've only been down the twisties once! :cautious: Too busy lately (lazy too) and live out of easy reach of the usual riding roads (all east-side melb):grumpy:
    I had a blast, loved every minute of it.

    Thankfully for me I had a group with a couple other newbs like myself and the other riders who are experienced were very accommodating and encouraging.(y)

    Must. Go. On. More. Rides!
  4. Sounds like you are ready for the Bonang Highway :)

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  5. Wow, thems a lotta twisties- that'd either get rid a lot of my tension or make me certifiable!:troll:
  6. Congratulations, a new addiction by the looks of it. Glad you had fun (maybe too much fun!)
  7. O yes,defiantly paragraphs, and don't forget the spacer after a comer.Did you say something about experiencing the Ecstasy of a good run through some corners.We must get our prioritise right.
  8. Ha ha- Ecstasy probably doesn't come close to what I felt- what I felt was probably illegal in many countries (for women anyway ;-)!):troll:
  9. I hear ya !!! like you after the bare minimum on my L's, I just recently passed my P's and yes the temptation is there just to push those corners. I have been receiving great advice and tips from an experienced rider friend about cornering at speed and his best advice like you'll read in many posts on this site is stay within your comfort zone and rest will slowly come to you.
  10. I am an old maid but boy do I feel like a teenager ( in way too many ways) once I wrap my legs around that bike- I normally have verbal/written diarrhoea and overshare (as you've no doubt read previously :sneaky:) but I really am at a loss to describe the exhilaration I experience when riding...tingles all over...it is just overwhelming in some ways:troll:
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  11. You've come to the right forum, we have a selection of teenagers for your delectation here.

    *NB Not me I'm a fat, bald old fart
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  12. There you go fixed up your spelling and punctuation for you ;)
    But seriously, suggesting paragraphs was my way of helping the OP get her post read. Many people, with so much to read these days, will often turn away from a big block of text and move on to something easier to digest. Rather than detract from her post I think it helped highlight her experience.
    It was just a suggestion which the OP took on board, which she didn't have to do and her post is all the better for it IMHO.
    The only reason I'm even bothering is that all too often new posters tend to do the same thing and a little bit of effort can help their often good posts not get overlooked.
    So normal programming can resume, back to twisty corners and ecstasy.
  13. ^^Needs more paragraphs.
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  14. C'mon Womble plenty there for you mate.:)
  15. I'm old school, I like a gap between paragraphs, and the Victorian coma.
  16. Well McsennaMcsenna and WombleWomble I like and need correction from time to time. And I too am old fat but with hair like a mad cat woman!
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  17. You've found your spiritual home.
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  18. Sorry to hear you're in a coma mate, when do you come to ?
  19. I did that especially for you.
  20. Nothing too good for your mates :)