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First real spirited ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HeavyNinja, May 7, 2016.

  1. I have gone fast, I have cornered faster than posted speeds etc, but never really combined it all. Today I did. The mrs had a lesson so I pillioned her down to it. Has been raining all day but there was a nice sunny break and due to the wind, the road had dried. So taking her down I warmed the tyres and rode sedate. Dropped her off and took the mountain/coast road back round to the house. Geez it was fun, I was pushing hard enough the bike was dancing under braking, I learnt quickly to jse both front and rear and engine braking all at once. It was a rush to say the least. I managed to beat the rain, as I pulled into the driveway my daughter hit the button to open the rear garage and I rode straight in just as it rained.

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  2. bravo - it's nice when a plan, that includes a ride, comes together!

    good to see your daughter is well trained lol.
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  3. Yeah she is well trained lol. The mrs and I don't really get to do stuff kid free. So if we need to do something for 10-20mins we sometimes leave the kids home. The house is locked, our mastiff is inside with them and I leave my mobile. The rules are one of them plays my computer, the other can read, draw, watch tele. Door gets answered for no one but family. They are yet to break our trust and never have they fought each other etc. When I get home on my bike my daughter hits the button on the remote to open the side garage and I can ride straight in. We reckon it teaches them a bit of responsibility and if they break the trust it stops happening.
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  4. that's great mate - give respect to get it!
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  5. Sounds familiar mate, we have almost the same, dog in, lock, let nobody in, and no using the toaster or kettle
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  6. We do the same thing with our kids but we have a " cavoodle " instead of a mastive
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  7. Sounds good!

    A little thing I think you alluded too was braking hard. I'm not sure what roads you where on, but if it's anything but 90 degree corners, try entering corners with less braking. Every rider who works on braking hard into a corner ends up "rushing" the corner.

    This is not a critisim, just some advice from my experiences.