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First 'real' road ride!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kaboobie, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Happy Australia Day, fellow Netriders!

    To kick off our Australia Day, my hubby and I went out and about on our bikes for my first 'real' road ride since I got my Ls on Monday. :grin: I've been doing a fair bit of tarmac and closed road type (ie no traffic!) riding, but plucked up the courage and got out there this morning! Had a lovely ride around the local streets and then we ended up down at Altona Beach and enjoyed a mid-morning coffee watching the water, the people and the boats in the most perfect weather before heading home. Also got my first 'nod' from another rider :grin: and managed not to do anything more embarrassing/silly than accidentally hitting my horn whilst stopped at a roundabout giving way to traffic ... in front of a cafe packed full of the local 'beautiful' people! Some people laughed, but hell, I did too :p

    Hope everyone's day is as good as mine!
  2. G'day everyone,.......

    Congratulations on such a great day!

    I hope the rest of the rideing experiances you have are no worse than that.
    Enjoy your bike as much as you can,.......
    Of course on such nice days like this,....well,....just get out and enjoy.

    Dr Who?
  3. Well done & congrats on your 1st road adventure :grin: Sounds like you had a great day enjoying the experience as well as local cafes & sights. Now just keep practising so you can make it to wessider coffee nights :wink:
  4. Yep - certainly hoping to soon! Possibly this coming Monday :-k

    Thanks guys :grin:
  5. If you need someone to practice with when hubby's not available, just let me know & will see what I can do :)
  6. Congrats. There is nothing like it :grin:
  7. Sounds like a great day, can't say the same for me.

    Take it easy out there.
  8. Thanks for the offer, Nixon-chic - very kind of you :grin: Hope to see you at Willi soon.

    Had a bad day, Cleverlie?
  9. Yes, Lost my license and now have a massive fine to pay off.
  10. That wasn't very Cleverlie!
  11. Oh dear. :shock:

    What's the story?
  12. Well atlest they didn't get me maxing my bike out. :LOL:

    Long story short
    I was clocked at 173km/h, you may ask why did i stop, well he was in a perfect spot to get my plate so i didn't bother.
  13. Congrat's on getting your L's Kaboobie...and sounds like you had a great ride today. Keep it up - get out as much as you can. :) The more, the better.

    Cleverlie - how long do you lose your licence for?
  14. I loose my license for 6-9 months.
  15. Congrats on a good day out Kaboobie. Oh, and the horn thing, i still manage to catch my thumb on mine every month or so, usually at an embarassing moment :grin: .
  16. Oooops :shock:

    Sounds like there's been a bit of that going around the last few days for one reason or another!

    In a strange coincidence, just happened to see a Lilly Allen vid LDN and the first lines of the song are: "Riding around town on my bike all day, cos the filf (filth) took away my licence" :LOL:

    Sorry to hear you had a crap day, Cleverlie, but ermm ... maybe a track day next time?

    This from me, who, I have it on good authority, 'drives like a granny', and who will no doubt ride a bit like one too - even when I do get my bike over 70kmph! :grin: