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first real ride..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Brento, May 9, 2011.

  1. So after riding around the Suburbs/CBD and getting comfortable in heavy sydney traffic I decided to go for my first real ride and hit some twistier roads.. So I went down to the national park and was riding around enjoying myself when I decided to head down to Garie Beach.

    So I was riding around this corner: http://maps.google.com.au/?ie=UTF8&...d=qGdsVzfhDk9KqqaHK7ZJYg&cbp=12,50.65,,0,17.9 doing the speed limit when a P-Plater being a typical P-Plater was going a little to quick and ended up on my side of the road..

    Not really sure what I did to manage to not die but it worked lol, I kinda straightened up and turned quickly to the dirtt (dirt or bonnet?) and hit the brakes and managed to keep it upright on the dirt, after almost having a heart attack I looked back to see the guy no where to be seen, probs the bit that pissed me off the most is that he didn't even stop.

    Was pretty happy I remembered the wise words of my l's instructor, dont grab the front if your not upright..

  2. Great job avoiding what could have been a nasty accident! The guy is an a$$hat for not stopping at all, it seems this is becoming a common occurrence among cagers :(

    Well done on this as well, I recently did my P's at HART and we had a full day course on bike handling, they taught us not to grab a fistful of the front through a corner but instead apply both brakes and in the last few meters of your stop. Then when you slow right down you can apply some hard braking at the front. Saved my skin the other day when I went around a corner a little too fast and had to abruptly stop for a Datsun doing a u-turn on a blind corner.
  3. This happens alot...

    Some people are either retarded or driving such a massive 4wd that they physically can't keep it inside the lines. You just gotta do your best to keep yourself out of harm's way.

    I remember approaching a corner and seeing a semi dead smack bang in the middle of the road coming the other way.

    The best way is to set your cornering line so that you are never on the centre line.

    For a right hander, that means setting up wide, tipping in, but not actually getting close to the centre line.

    For a left hander, that means tipping in really early and taking the corner slower.

    In this way, I managed to avoid the above semi and only a slight skid mark in the pants...

    Disclaimer: This is not the fastest way to corner. Fastest way is to hang wide, apex the corner then get on the gas as soon as you can. Chances are you'll write yourself off in the hills doing that though. Not because you'll fall off, but because you'll have a head-on into some d-wad thats playing race-car driver on the twistys.

    For both the above lines, you'll have to make sure you're going slow enough, because your line will take you onto the other side of the road at roughly the other lane's entry point to the corner. Generally I find cornering in this way keeps me out of trouble and doing it quick requires some good lean. Best way to have fun.

    EDIT: bit of clarification, I only corner in that way on blind corners where i can't see what is coming. If I can see theres nothing coming, i'm apexing the corner and getting right on the centreline to get through the corner as quick as possible :D