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First real ride think I broke bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WantFreedom, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a 95 CB250 I just went for my first real ride this morning round the streets with all my gear on as I'm not confident yet to really be out in traffic.

    Last week I just did a little ride round my street quiet and change 1st into 2nd into 3rd just wearing my joggers all seemed ok then.

    This morning I take off seemed ok anyway made a few wrong gear changes you know high revs and stuff and started noticed a grinding / clunking noise when releasing the clutch in first now I didn't think much of it at the time but now I think I may have broken the bike,


    I now take off in first know matter how slowly I let the clutch out and just ride slow there is a grinding / clunking noise as the clutch is just released even when I change into second, I can change from second into 3rd into 4th ok I dont hear a noise.

    I was taking off in first just now in the street letting the clutch out and the bike just like jolted and jumped made a terrible noise and basically come to a stall where as if you let the clutch out too quick it just stalls but now it make a grinding noise it sounds bad.

    I'm pretty sure its not my gear changing as last week on the street it was fine no noise but after riding this morning for about 1 hour 10 minutes I feel I may have damaged something, as I dont know much about bikes its hard for me to know exactly what but I feel the clutch or gear box I have broken.

    Any suggestions or things to check? as im a little worried about riding it at the moment but I am close to Mad Biker so can easily drop it off there sometime.

    Any ideas or what I can check for to see if there is any damage?

  2. Hard to diagnose at a distance but I certainly agree you shouldn't be riding it till someone with some expertise had a good look at it....
  3. The clutch on my 99 CB250 is a little noisy, but I'm told it it's fine for now at least. I would think it's worth getting yours checked out. Even if it doesn't need repair the reassurance will be worth it.
  4. Ok I just did a test not sure if this helps I put the bike on the centre stand put it in first let the clutch out was fine, put it into second fine into third fine into fourth fine into fifth fine. Im starting to wonder if my foot is on the rear brake and I don't know it because the boots are very stiff

    As I imagine if there was an issue it would have trouble going out of first and into second it would show with the bike on the centre stand?
  5. Sit on bike with both feet on ground. Let clutch out see what happens
  6. Ok just took it back on and its fine must of been the foot on the back brake with my boots and I just wasn't aware I remember as this happened to me at Hart Honda and I was wondering why the bike was jolting/ coughing and the guy mentioned i had my boot on the back brake and I didn't realise all good now! learning experiences lol
  7. I would have a quick look at the rear sproket,maybe its warn to the piont the chain is slipping.See that before.Obvious but keep your fingers clear,it can be bitty back there.How is the chain adjustment?
  8. Sounds like a combination of worn sprocket/chain and normal mechanical lash noises
  9. if you are worried about the brake put the balls of your feet on the peg. its a better way to ride and it means you need a conscious decision to use the brake.
    the noises aren't good. I'd get it checked as you can do a lot more damage if there is a problem.
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  10. I will take it to Mad Biker soon for a bit of a look over just to see what they think and see if it needs or looks like it needs anything done in the future as I plan on keeping the bike 6-12 months.

    I'm trying to learn to ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs as your right it is a better way to ride, this morning I had my feet too far forward and the boots where interfering with the gear lever and the rear brake doesn't help when they are stiff as lol.

    Going for another ride around the streets tomorrow at like 6:30am will pay more attention to if I hear anything but will be paying close attention to how I sit and where my feet are just trying to learn at the moment I feel I am getting better its just when I do something wrong or it doesn't do what its meant to I panic but im sure once I ride more that won't happen.
  11. Thanks,

    Ive been reading and watching so many videos lately but the only real way is to practice which is what im trying to do :)

    After riding today I'm wondering if its not engaging into 1st properly as a couple of times I was practising pretending coming to set of lights gearing down into first then stopping and taking off again anyway I noticed that I would be sitting there and the neutral light would suddenly come on.

    When I moved the bike slightly and pushed on the gear level down I could hear it click into 1st gear and when I took off it was fine no noise, I'll still get it checked out but im guessing it might be not engaging in 1st fully sometimes.
  12. 1st gear voodoo at the lights is very common. Try changing before you come to a stop or double clutch. My old GPX 2 fiddly was like that, it becomes second nature once you find the fix that works best for you. Check your clutch cable adjustment is right as well.
  13. motorbike gearboxes are very different to cars and what you are experiencing can happen. from memory when I went for my licence on a cb250 I had the same problem. I had a kawasaki whose gearbox was a bit more clever than the hondas (positive neutral finder for example).
    to get to first from neutral with my street triple I occasionally have to let the clutch in and out a bit before it will click in. usually happens after I fill with petrol. you get a feel for it after a while.
  14. My son's CB250 (rest in pieces) was a pig of a thing to get into neutral when stopped with the engine running. We had to put light pressure on the lever and blip the revs up over 3,000. With the engine stopped it went in no troubles. As far as I can tell, all the CB250s have ... "quirky" gearboxes in one way or another. They very rarely fail, they're just quirky.
  15. It is very hard to break on old Japanese 250. Have it checked out but it is more than likely just some grumpy old Jap bike thing.
  16. I've heard of this, or similar, when you aren't fully releasing the clutch.
    Is it properly adjusted,and fully engaging / disengaging.
  17. How old is the oil in it?

    Mates v-star had issues with getting neutral when hot. New oil fixed it.
  18. Give her an oil change.

    My 250x7 (late 70's 2 stroke "sport bike") jumped out of gear once, started making a "pepper grinder" grinding noise and would lurch forward and lock up/stall when put in gear.
    Turned out the last idiot to rebuild the engine painted the insides. Some of said paint flaked off, and found its way between the gearbox output shaft and a brass bushed idler gear.
    Cleaned up the end of the shaft, flushed out the gearbox to get rid of the paint and transferred the idler gear from the spare engine, problem fixed.

    So I'm thinking a tiny bit of crud got into a gear or bearing, then found its way out again. Get the engine nice and hot so the oil picks up all the rubbish, then drain it ASAP, should flush it out nicely.