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First "real" ride on my new steed! (kinda longish)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Dannyboy, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Well, I got my L's two weekends ago (@ HART in Tulla). Last week went shopping with Dougz for all the essentials and found a VTR250 that I settled on yesterday. Had Dougz bro ride it back home for me and had quick spurt on it last night down the road and back until it started pi$$ing down around 4.30. So that put paid to riding the new bike the day I bought it.

    So waited patiently until this morning, jumped on around 11.30 and for two and a half hours, had a blast! Growing up in Woodend is a pain, but learning to ride a bike here is bliss! No traffic, windy roads, plenty of dead areas to practice emergency stops.

    So I took myself on a 100km loop today, around Woodend upto Gisborne (on the high-way, not freeway) and tootled around there for a little bit, stopped off for a coffee and took a breather to reflect on what had gone right and wrong upto that point. Big mistake was not cancelling my left indicator after a roundabout, and nearly had a car pull in front of me at the next intersection (my fault). So somebody was looking down on me then, and I made a big mental note of cancelling before doing anything else!

    As I'm reflecting, it starts showering... I think to myself, bugger! Then think, hangon, doesn't matter if it's raining, water was already on the road from last nights downpour. So sucked it up, and got back on.

    Decided to take a slower path home up and over Mt Macedon. Now that was an interesting experience... the roads were wetter than anything I'd been on that day. So decided to push around in 3rd @ 30-40kph in the corners, careful to keep my distance to the centreline, lest somebody be coming the otherway and creeping onto my side. Finally it back in one piece, although the cold forced me back sooner than I'd like (hands were feeling quite numb, as were my legs) due to vented gloves and jeans being a little damp from the rain.

    Definitely looking forward to need weekend! Oh yeah, I know some people like piccies, so here's a couple of my new baby

    My two Honda babies

  2. Good, nothing like encountering all sorts of conditions to get you started!! Sounds like you had a great time.

    On wet roads, look out for patches of glistening 'rainbow': that usually means dropped oil or diesel. Give them a wide berth. Also, when approaching intersections in the wet, pick and stay IN a wheel track, not in the centre of the lane (where vehicles drop oil and garbage as they are coming to a halt).
  3. You're in a great place to learn and puck up skills.
    Well done on reflecting on whats gone on.
    Your biggest problem will be to keep the bike as clean as the pix :)
  4. Yeah, I was very mindful of the little bits of oil on the road, and kept clear of those, and the fallen branches! I started experimenting with counter-steering (just gently leaning on the right and left grips and found the bike starting to tilt.) Things actually do work like everybody says!

    Taking off at intersections is another point I need to work on; not leaning enough and running a little too wide for my liking. But taking off definitely not a problem. I was lucky nobody was behind me, so I felt very comfortable 100% of the time nobody was going to run up me if I slowed or stopped suddenly, even on the main roads.
  5. Congrats Danny & Welcome to the world of two wheels.
    re: reflecting, counter-steering etc..
    You'll do very well mate, You seem to have the 'right' attitude and keen-ness not only to ride using the correct technique, but to understand 'how and why'.
    It's something I'm still learning, and doubt will ever stop.
    Well Done.
  6. I just hadta have a laugh, having cars pull in front of you and running wide on corners will definitely increase the puckering........ :LOL:

    Rogues (pucker professional)