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First real experience of car driver aggression!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tirian, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Heya,

    So, I've experienced something I guess might happen regularly?? I was on the bike, going home from work at the end of the day, approaching a round about on a road that had two approach lanes - left lane MUST turn left. About 15 cars all queuing up to go straight ahead, and no cars in the left lane. I used the left lane to move around all the stationary cars, and moved right up to the front, and easily made it through the roundabout before the car at the front of the queue had eaven moved a full cars length into the roundabout. I'm through the intersection and sitting centrally in the lane on the other side waiting in a queue of about 10 vehicles stopped at a traffic light just up from the roundabout intersection.

    But, then, I head this revving, and become aware this guy who I passed at the roundabout has come right up beside me and is swerving towards me to muscle me out of the lane!!! He was revving his big ford v8 falcon and trying to menace me and basically shoved himself into the gap between me (central in the lane) and the curb.

    Hmm, I thought I should try to get the guys number plate, but then didnt want to inflame the situation. Just pulled out and filtered to the front, leaving him no doubt more frustrated.

    I am staggered by the agresssion - I didnt cut him off at any stage. I can only think he was frustrated to not be able to get home as quickly as I was making it...

    Its only happened once in 2 months of riding every day - but is this fairly common??

  2. Well, seriously, what did you expect? You broke the law to get to the head of the queue and he had to wait and he got mad at you :roll:. The fact that you are a new rider is utterly irrelevant.
  3. i agree with hornet600, regardless of whether we can do it or not, it will always annoy people because you are queue jumping.

    thems the choices, that's what you're going to get sometimes
  4. Better to join the queue and slow everyone down. :roll:

    Split like hell and make sure they don't get a chance to ever see you again.
  5. This is ALMOST the same as splitting, the only difference is the cars are never controlled by lights, so will never really be stationary for long. I split, but only on a red light, so the cars are always stopped. I feel it is too dangerous to split between moving traffic, and the few times i have done it, i have got abuse from cagers. I think they feel their space is being invaded, so get defensive :?: My advice is to pick when to split a bit better, in the end you can get done for it, and the more people you upset, the harder it makes it for everyone else.
  6. This is not lane splitting.

    He rode in a valid lane, up to the point of the round-about. At that point he discovered that the lane didn't suit his needs and in a timely fashion integrated himself into the other lane's flow of traffic.
    Instead of delaying the lead driver, he accelerated ahead of the group as if he wasn't even there.

    p.s. when I have done this I usually ensure im 500m up the road by the time the cars finished with the round-about.
  7. This will sometimes happen, as yes the car driver who has been waiting, gets all emotional and revved up. Dont let them worry you too much, face it if they had a bike they would do the same thing. :roll:
  8. The wanker in the falcon wanted to flex his penis extension at you, just a tosser.

    It does happen.
  9. Hmmm. Scenario reversal - you are on the bike at the head of the queue in the right hand lane and start going through the roundabout when suddenly the Falcon appears on your left and startles the hell out of you because - hey - why would anyone be on your left going through the roundabout when the left lane is clearly marked "left turn only"?? Of course you'd just laugh it off and say "Well, he was just keeping the traffic flowing. Good on him."
    Or maybe you'd go past him and punch his side mirror and hurry home to log onto your favourite motorcycle forum to breathlessly report another knobhead cager trying to take you out. Food for thought??

    P.S. What will be your reaction if he has recorded your rego and reported you to the Police for driving contrary to the road markings??
  10. I go through about 5 round-abouts on the trip to work and they are the only place I wont split/filter. I will on the approach to them but once I get about 30-40 meters away from one I'll pull into the traffic and wait.

    Thats just the way I ride because splitting roundabouts are more dangerous then normal splitting/filtering. Yes the odd person will get annoyed with you and even try to pull into you. But its something you have to deal with if you want to split/filter.
  11. A better example would be that you, on your bike, are at the head of the queue, and another bike comes in. It doesn't slow you down at all and there's plenty of room.

    Who gives a toss?

    The more courteous splitters actually give room for more bikes to come through (traffic lights in this case) and then everyone is out of there, and no cars are slowed.
  12. Yes its common. People often get angry when you jump queues, filter to the front, etc. etc. because you are getting home faster. The ones who get angry are the ones too stupid to realise that you're not slowing them (or anyone) down - which is a problem because its the stupid ones who are going to endanger your life without thinking about it.
  13. :applause:

    OP: You deliberately flouted painted markings on the road to jump to the front of the queue. The driver would not have been expecting anyone to his left to be going straight ahead. What if he had have taken off from the line as fast as you had, and had run a bit wide on the middle or exit of the roundabout? You'd be up and over the curb.

    You are no better than the people who whip off the highway 500m back from a set of traffic lights and proceed to do 80km/h down a 50km/h service road to jump back onto the highway at the lights ahead of everyone else.. :evil:

    Personally, I think the OP was the one who was endangering their own life by putting themselves into a situation like that. Drivers are NOT continually scanning looking for motorcyclists - we all know that. You need to ride assertively and defensively to keep out of those situations.

    If you're going to ride down the Left turn only lane and continue straight ahead, you may as well be riding in bicycle lanes. :roll:
  14. .... not to mention the fact that you have documented here, in public, your illegal riding manoeuvre, which you knew was illegal when you did it. It was not a classic 'split to the head of the queue' and you acknowledge that in your description.....
  15. Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback and helping me get some perspective on this. I can see in retrospect it was actually a stupid thing to have done. Thankfully I've lived and now learned in this case.

  16. Yes, if you read my post i did actually say ALMOST. It was even in caps for people like you who like to pick everything to pieces, It is very much like lane splitting, the difference is he went in the incorrect lane, knowing he was and intending to cut to the front in the other lane latter on. It is the same principle as lane splitting, just not the "lane" part :LOL:
  17. If you keep riding like that you had better get used to it! You deliberately went up the wrong lane to cut a lot of drivers off. Then you want the guy's number plate because he was filtering near you. You can't have it both ways.
  18. Sir,
    I dips me lid to you. :cool: :applause:
  19. Young st, roundabout near train station, heading into town?

    If so, do the same thing every time, just keep going as there is plenty of space there for everyone!
  20. I think you all need to get a grip. You surely can't tell me that you never have/never would do the same? :roll:

    The real issue here is not what he did, but the aggression displayed by the car driver. So he surprised him. Big F88King deal. Welcome to our world cager :LOL: