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First Rain Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. So, today in SE QLD theres a bit of light rain and some wind. So I thought to myself that I should finally get out and try riding in the rain for the first time. Since well it's summer in QLD and I know I will caught out one day.

    Mostly I found the ride pretty good. I tried to really be aware of whats happening. I did this pretty well I think.

    I slowed everything down and tried to smooth out my riding style as much as I could for being so new. Didn't rev as high off the line, didn't rip it open esp with in the powerband and I shifted a bit shorter then normal to try to make sure the back wheel didn't do anything that I didn't expect.

    There was a time when I did open it up a little much when the slow car that was in front moved, I was sitting at around 8k rpm and I felt the back move a little, which was scary.

    I also finally noticed how easy the visor of my helmet fogs up. The helmet is a KBC XP3 with a rubber thing that sits over your nose - i presume to help to prevent defog - this was good as far as I can tell, though I did notice when stationary I had to concentrate on breathing slowly to stop fogging, or lift the visor a little.

    The biggest thing I noticed (or biggest scare I had) was a combination of 2 stupid (newbie) mistakes.

    I was going down a slight decline which also curves to the right. I was in 3rd and doing 60 to start with but since it was wet and I'm inexperienced I would slow down for the corner.
    I went to 40 and went to put the bike in 2nd, as I was releasing the clutch I was just starting the turn, the rear wheel had a slight compression lock and skidded the bike a bit and make me skid to :p
    Before today I thought that compression lock was a little BS and I noticed that I am not getting ready for a corner gear wise early enough.

    So for the rest of the ride I was trying to make sure I blipped the gear changes - which I am still finding hard to get decent and noticed that it has slowed the changes abit.

    But I guess the most important thing I took out of today is that practice in all conditions is needed.
  2. Good stuff, get in to it!
  3. For me riding in the rain is fun because it's a new challenge.
    Being smooth with the controls is a must. When negotiating tight corners around the city in 1st or 2nd gear I like to slip the clutch a bit more than I normally would to minimise losing traction at the rear wheel. Blipping the throttle will also help with the rear wheel lock ups; your clutch action should be quick in, sloooowww out.
  4. I was out in the QLD rain today. Its actually kind of fun riding in the rain and having to be extra smooth :grin:
  5. What, only light rain :p Well done for getting out in it.

    Keep of the road markings, as they are not your friends. Having the rear wiggle around is ok, as long as you are upright.

    The same goes with compression lock, but you'll get the hang of blipping on the downshift and reduce the frequency of locking up.
  6. get your hands on some catcrap for the visor, to stop it fogging up.
    works wonders.
    the stuff from the lil container, not from your friendly neighbourhood cat :p
  7. I am currently looking for some. Hoping to find an actual store with it because otherwise I will be paying the item price again in postage
  8. My Helmet has a friction insert thing that creates a air gap in between the main visor and the secondary one, it never fogs up, <3 Nolan.
  9. Tips for riding in the rain are to keep it smooth, and not to tense up too much.

    I enjoy riding in the wet a bit, as it is a whole new challange.
  10. Yes heed the bikes warnings!

    Oh and a note, if you ever are lucky enough to experience a tank slapper moment (bars shaking violently), ease the grip and let the bike right itself... fighting the bike and being erratic is a battle that the rider is bound to lose eventually.

    Good luck with your riding man

  11. It is good to see you getting out in the wet.
    Take it easy and listen to the bike and what it is doing.
    especially the back wheel.
  12. One thing im really worried about if i ever have to face riding in the rain is those massive "school zone" warnings painted on the road. they would be slippery as hell and take up the whole road!
  13. Try not to break on the paint, if you have to slow down do it before hand, and stay straight when on the paint.
  14. did you get WET?
  15. Good on Ya! keep it up.
    Believe it or not, riding in the rain can be both a challengeing & satifsying experience. Treat a wet road with alot of respect, keep an eye out for the hazards ( ie painted signage, oil, tram tracks ), make allowances for the lack of visiblity ( If you thought drivers don't see you now, they are blind in a downpour) & you'll do well.
    Be aware the road is at it's most slippery in the first 30 min of decent rain, or in drizzle. After a good downpour you'll find traction is not bad at all, as it washes the road of most oil & debris.
  16. Thanks for the replies.

    I am going to try to keep getting out in the rain - light rain to start - will be staying around the quiet streets etc where I can build up my confidence are more importantly learn how the bike will behave differently to what I do.

    I am still working on smoother changes when I ride as that's something important for all conditions.

    I will also start to concerntrate on the feel of the back wheel -hadn't really done that before.
  17. :applause: It's a funky feeling when it gets squirrily at the rear. Thankfully all of mine have been small and I was upright. :wink:
  18. Unlike mine :oops:

    First was going down the napean highway (only just turned on) and was changing gear (going possibly a little too fast) and gave it a fistfull and the rear tire spun up, was an odd sensation/ noise with no extra "go" so backed off tire caught up with me and keep going.

    Second was going around a corner from a set of lights, still leaning over from the corner and started to accellerate then back wheel hit the first ped crossing line and went well sideways from me, straightend up and backed off a little bike righted itself around the corner :)

    thought after, that would have looked awesome, but at the time I was half worried about binning it, (the other half was busy working on the bike control)

    but it's all experience, I don't think I'd plan on doing it again, but if it does I have some idea of what the bike is doing. :)

    yay for rain