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First rain ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kilo86, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Hi all. Just had my first ride in the rain. It was ok, just treated every corner very carefully. But I just wanted to see what people do/use about water on the visor. I was tempted to wipe it with my glove, but didn't wanna leave streaks or make it worse. Has anyone used rain x or similar or is this a very bad idea?

  2. many suggestions have come about

    don't use rainx it eats ur visor (i am pretty sure there is a warning about polycarbonate substances etc)

    turn ur head at speed 60+ km/h
  3. Nice. I will give it a try. Just wanted some simple advice like that :wink:
  4. +1 turn your head. But this only works when you're going at a decent speed. Use your glove at lower speeds (some gloves have a special material on the forefinger for this purpose).
    Have used Rain-x and it didn't eat my visor, but it also didn't work for long. Apparently doesn't bond to the plastics well. (Maybe some visors are made of something different?)
  5. My wet weather gloves have rubber windscreen wiper bit on the index finger of the left glove works a treat they are dri rider highlanders

    off topic a bit,

    look out for those bloody painted white arrows and lines on the road in the wet too i nearly dropped the bike first ride in the rain on them...
  6. Rain-X won't wreck your visor probably. Didn't wreck mine, I've got an Arai Condor if that's any help. Not sure about the longetivity of it because I haven't put it on the whole visor yet, just tested one side. Did work when I tested it though.

    Apparently there's a product called umbrella or something that's like RainX for plastic? Sure as hell can't just go to AutoOne and buy it though, I believe you can order it from overseas.

    EDIT: Wiping it with your glove, wiper blade or not, is fine. Freaking mandatory at night when rain completely blinds you unless you wipe the visor.
  7. Give the visor a clean after the water has dried on it. I notice water marks are a pain when combined with sunglare the next fine morning.

    Take the corners easy and lessen the lean angle - nothing will ruin your day like leaning the bike into an oil patch on a wet corner.