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First Puncture

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by adelaidez750guy, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Hey people - got the first puncture on my zed after 14500 k's a while ago.
    What I didnt realise is that if you repair a puncture on a tubeless tyre you wont be covered by insurance in the event of an accident. As I was an idiot and had my original bike nicked before, I am not risking the insurance thing twice so its turend out tobe an expensive puncture - replacing the tyre, if anyone knows otherwise...

  2. I have never heard of this puncture insurance deal.If they can find a way to screw you and not pay they will,so it doesnt surprise me if thats true but have you seen this clause(appropriate for this time of year :grin: )in writing on your policy :?:
  3. You lost your last bike and insurance didn't cover it????

    How did they know it had a puncture repaired?
  4. you should read ur policy book carefully
    i doubt there is an exclussion saying "if you repair a puncture its not insured"
    A fixed tyre is still roadworthy.... correct me if im wrong.
    You just cant be doing stupid speeds on it. I bought my tyre and did about 2k kms when i got a screw through it. I repaired it and its done 10k kms and no problems.
  5. A quality repair should work exactly as if the tyre was never punctured.
    I can't see why they would screw people into always buying new tyres when they don't need to.

    Geez... anything for them to weazle out of paying a claim.
    How can they prove that a badly repaired puncture caused an accident anyway?
  6. re Tyres

    I thought I was being screwed but I went to two different bike shops and got the same feedback , so I m starting to wonder.

    Yeah , I had my little ZX2R stolen while the insurance lapsed a few years ago, once bitten etc
  7. hahaha both bike shops are trying to get ur $$$
    I got mine repaired at pablos and he just said listen i can repair it but i wouldnt try to break any speed records take it easier and it'll be right, just keep an eye on the tyre preasure.
  8. Never heard of this and never heard of the clause - Bike just needs
    to be roadworthy. I have had 2 punctures and because i am still relatively new i asked for new tyres rather than take any risks, and on both ocasions the shops refused- said it was as good as new and would stake there own lives on the repair being as good as (figuratively).
  9. nothing wrong with plugging but get a mushroom plug put in. the type where they take tyre off the rim and plug from the inside.
  10. I've been taken for a mug, I just called Boltons kawasaki in Adelaide who have clearly said that is bullcrap and to get the plug fitted,

    Thanks people you saved me some cash :)