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First Puncture!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by manol, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. 1,814km in, and I finally get my first puncture...


    Left work, saw that my rear tyre was a bit low and thought I'd carefully ride down to the BP on Kings Way to pump it up...not far down Sturt St I realised it was very, very slow...gingerly rode it to BP and found this lovely bolt sticking out the back tyre...

    60 minutes later and a tow-truck and bye-bye bike....does this look repairable or is a brand new tyre needed?

  2. I just got a puncture repaired today but MMMTS. Just a single 5cm nail straight into the tyre, he was able to repair it without any problems.

    Search for them here on netrider.
  3. Ah, good service to know about in the future...thanks...
  4. They come to you aswell and all the work on site, which is even better.
  5. Unforutately it's sitting in some tow truck holding yard tonight and it's being sent to Southbank BMW tomorrow...
    If I had known about MMMTSMMMTS , it probably would have been a lot less hassle.
  6. Ouch, I guess I was lucky enough to find out about my puncture as I was pulling out of my drive way.
  7. You should carry a puncture repair kit. Always depends on the hole, but chances are it can help in situations like this and get you mobile again without the need for a tow truck
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  8. We blew a back tire 200km from Adelaide at 110km/h, had to hang on to keep the K1200 upright. We carry a repair kit, but what we needed was a new tire, so called NRMA roadside assist and before long were transported to Waikerie were we stayed the night. Next Day a special bike transporting van was sent from Adelaide and before we new it we were in Adelaide. Great service and a great bike carrier

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  9. What do you recommend as a good puncture repair kit to get?
  10. We use a microflate nano from 'Genuine Innovations'. Picked it up at a Ulysses AGM, Available at most good bike shops. Comes with 5 Co2 cylinders, plugs and tools.
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  11. Why I always have this under the seat



    I'd say the best and easiest to use tyre repair kit on the market.

    I've actually used this to plug a car tyre as well, and ridden/driven thousands of km's on these plugs with no issues.

    Easy repair, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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  12. Excuse my ignorance, but if you get a puncture are these permanent fixes for the tyre or are they just enough to repair the tyre before you get it to a proper tyre shop?
  13. I'm with iClint, if the plug fits its repairable, if not you need a new tire anyway. I have used the repair kit on a rear tire and inflated it enough with the Co2 that I rode 150k to a servo and pumped it ip correctly, then rode another 1000k before i had it checked out. On a front tire I would only use it to get me out of trouble and then have the tyre either repaired professionally or replaced.
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  14. Always carry a puncture repair kit, and a compressor/pump under the seat. Don't waste your time with CO2 bottles unless you never leave the city, because if you don't get the air chuck onto the bottle correctly, and then the chuck onto the tyre properly your precious air leaks out and you could be stuck. If you ride a full-size bike, you also need 3-4 small bottles or 2 big bottles to get the tyre back to pressure, or you end up riding with a half flat tyre, which isn't good if the next servo is miles away.
    Worse than that is if you need to plug the tyre several times requiring multiple inflations, you will have no air for a second go unless you carry a dozen bottles.

    I recently got a large gash in my front tyre 500km from home. The hole was big enough that the tyre rapidly deflated. I plugged it several times, adding an extra plug each time (They kept falling out after a few km) and with 5 plugs in there got it home, and it is still holding air 3 weeks later.

    For a nail/screw hole, the long sticky snot type plugs are pretty much a permanent repair, I have put them in a hole and done thousands more km on the tyre until it was worn out, often at serious speeds.

    The mushroom plugs you get in the kit shown above, are more fiddly to fit, and they won't fix much more than a nail or screw hole and you can't use multiples to seal larger holes, so I would never carry that type.

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  15. Hi Manol,

    Check YouTube for numerous quick vids of how to use these kits. There are plenty to choose from and they show its fairly straightforward. main thing is to have a kit of some sort with you...
  16. So I bought a cheap charlie mid range $ repair kit at MCA and had a look at the sizing of these. How do you fit that under your seat. I have a little sports buke (Ninja) and at present all I can fit is my tool kit and my air pressure gauge and tiny valve kit. I have to take a back pack to take first aid and tyre repair kit or whack the panniers on (which I hate on a day ride!).
    Did I buy the wrong thing??:troll:
  17. You can strip the kit out a bit I reckon, put it into something a bit smaller (ziploc bag even). My wife has a Ninja 300 too, and there's a bit of space under the bit you unclip and fold up (top shallow space and lower slightly larger space where tool kit is).
  18. I've got the same kit as iClintiClint and after witnessing TWEETTWEET tyre get slashed by a rogue rock two things became blazingly obvious.
    1- bike battery operated air compressors are a must have.
    2- string\snot style plugs are the way to go. The mushroom plugs wont work on a slashed tyre

    We would've been buggered without those items on our Oxley trip. We limped home but we got there.
  19. String/snot style- more information please? Is it putty like?? Is this something i can buy to add to my current kit pls???
  20. http://www.kriega.com.au/ best bags on the market, 100% waterproof with a 10 year guarantee. Incredible value and available either direct or from Pro-cycles in Hornsby.

    I wouldn't buy anything else and all the riders I know who have them agree.

    They come in all sizes to fit all bikes - the US-5 should suit your needs.