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first 'proper road lesson'

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by helent, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. I just wanted to tell somebody about my first proper road lesson today, after a few weeks of going round and round the local car park :grin: the car park was starting to get to me, all those figure of 8's and u-turns - I don't think the instructor was confident to let me loose on the road and in traffic (but then again, neither was I). I have done a good few laps of the block near my house on my own, but there is absolutely no traffic, no traffic lights, roundabouts etc.

    But this morning, I went out on the road, and it was pouring with rain (weather in Perth is absolutely fantastic today NOT!). And I have no boots or anything yet, so was doing it in my trainers. And the lesson was at 8am - so quite busy with the morning traffic. But it was great, I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to hitting the roads this weekend on my bike. The rain wasn't a problem at all (especially as I was on the instructor's bike, and don't have to clean it!). I didn't make any major mistakes, didn't fall off or hit anything and didn't panic when his old bike was constantly cutting out anytime I stopped, because it doesn't like cold and damp weather. I have to work a little bit on my take offs at junctions, and get a bit more confident at them. A couple of corners/turn offs were a bit hairy - I was going into them a little faster than I would have liked to but again, I tried not to panic and luckily didn't come off!

    Hooked :grin:

  2. Haha, I know just how you feel. The thought of traffic scared me when I was stuck in the carpark, but now it's fun. I have to keep pestering my mate to drive along behind me though, to satisfy QLD (like WA) law (mate doesn't have a bike currently). I have to admit, it is nice having a friendly cage behind you to hold up traffic when merging is a bit tricky.

    Good riding!
  3. You're pretty game, with you first on-road experience being in the wet during peak hour! Sounds like it went well though. If you think you're hooked now, just wait till you get out of town on a nice, sunny day, rolling through some quiet, winding roads... mmmm... :cool:
  4. glad to hear you enjoyed your first road, experience, hopefully if you go out on the weekend YOU do have all the correct gear, would hate to hear that it's your last.

    Best of luck

  5. that is absolutely fantastic helen. well done. today the perth traffic, tomorrow the world :LOL:

    enjoy the journey, c x
  6. )
    well, I have a helmet and have just bought a pair of gloves (although I didn't get the full waterproof bulky ones, because I wanted to get used to the feel of wearing gloves first and wanted to be able to feel what I was doing, the bulky full protection bizzos felt too uncomfortable for me at the moment, but will upgrade as and when....and also Perth is supposed to be sunny so I am not supposed to need waterproof ones.....so did not wear them this morning :cry: )

    I will buy a pair of boots when I find a shop that has them in stock in MY SIZE. And has a few different kinds that I can try on. The shops still aren't catering to women riders too well at the moment, from what I have seen so far. maybe I just haven't found the right shop yet. I will be shopping for a jacket fairly soon too :grin: can't wait, feels just like Xmas.

    And I do quite fancy a pair of draggin jeans or cargos, but again getting them to fit is a nightmare - when they fit around the waist they are 2 feet too long! But this is a topic for a different forum.........
  7. Well done Helen

    You will sooon be chomping at the bit to get out there.
  8. yeah, im pretty new to riding too, and i ride around the streets near my house, the one thing that i am concerned about is roundabouts. i havent been around one, i dont know why, but im intimidated by them.