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Featured First "proper" ride :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by botch, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hey all

    So a quick run down...got my L's in April, but didn't have a bike. So although I felt comfortable when I left the course, I lost whatever I had.

    Fast forward to Saturday just gone...got myself a bike (2012 KTM Duke 200). Had a friend ride it home for me. Sunday late arvo I took it up and down my street for about 15 minutes, just to get myself reacquainted with changing gears, braking, etc.

    Did the same this arvo, but 2 minutes into it, thought to myself, "get out there on the road proper...."

    So off I went. Wasn't as nervous as I expected I would be. Gears worked. Braking worked. I tried blipping on downshifts to use engine braking...very surprised at how simple it is. It's not all that smooth yet, but that'll come.

    I ended up doing about 20km around the place.

    I did roundabouts, left turns, right turns, slowing and continuing, stopping completely, crossed over a main road.

    Fair to say I was pumped when I got back! I can see why people love it!

    Sorry for the essay, but yeah....too damn excited not to share!!

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  2. well done :] we all start with the small rides :] take your time and you will be riding marathons in no time
  3. Yeap....almost considering whether i ride to work tomorrow or not! Lol
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  4. Awesome! What a great job botchbotch :) Now there will be no stopping you! Cool bike btw ;)

    And as others have said to me, don't apologise for the "essay", it is very exciting stuff, thanks for sharing! Keep it up mate :)
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  5. Way to go Botch!
  6. Thanks guys :)
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  7. Great work. It's so good to see another member join the family. And yes it is addicting. So much so that like me you'll be pushing the shopping trolley and go to look behind you by checking you non existent side mirrors hehe
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  8. Hey botchbotch someone's caught the buuuug someone's caught the buuuuug! :p
    Good for you. Isn't it the best feeling? I reckon if we could remeber back to when we first walked it would have been that same exact same eeeeeee har feeling.
    Well done you! :)
  9. good stuff small steps, I went up and down our steep driveway getting used to the clutch, brake and accelerator when I mastered that I hit the street by then the starts from a stop were a breeze.
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  10. Little update...

    I haven't ridden since Tuesday's ride....work has kept me busy.

    But today I rode to work. First time riding in darkness (i leave home about 6:40). Also first time riding in early morning cold. What can I say...some winter pants are in order! I don't have any kevlar jeans yet, so have been wearing my regular ones. They don't really stop the wind from getting through...my bits were seriously bloody cold when I got to work!!!

    That aside, i'm pretty happy with how it's going, given how early on in my riding career I am.

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  11. hi and well done......great feeling (not the cold that's for sure) when you are on a bike!
  12. Nice work mate. I started riding a couple months ago, and now commute daily into Brisbane CBD. Has literally halved my commute being able to filter etc.

    I leave to go to work early in the morning when its cold and dark. I wear corporate style clothes at work, so what I do is put on a pair of bull-it jeans over my pants, a merino long sleeve undershirt under my work shirt, and put the water proof liner in my jacket to stop the wind. Couple that with a good pair of winter gloves and I've been toasty as.

    When I first started riding I would freak out when in vicinity of a car, now I'm filtering up every set of lights and along the highway during peak hour.