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First proper crash... seeking some bike advice!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by enigma--, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. so yesterday, despite the crappy weather, me and my old man decided to go for our first ride together in the 14 months we've been riding (as a few weeks ago i purchased my upgrade, so we had 2 bikes)

    was all going smoothly till the black spur... right near the start (coming from healsville), round first corner... accelerating up the hill and leaning into the nothing corner, all i remember is my rear tyre suddenly loosing all grip. the next thing i remember is sliding, and cracking my head on the road, before getting up in the ditch on the side and running to turn the bike off.

    i was alright afterwards, walking round and trying to figure out what had happened... the firies had been called and came to cover up the oil etc, and they called an ambulance who came to check me out and then took me to hospital to make sure neck was ok (only sore part of me).

    first of all a big thanks to everyone who was there and helped! (i kept saying thanks to everyone XD)

    since the accident though, i have gone over and over in my mind how on earth my tyre just lost all grip when it was hardly leaning, and i cannot come to any conclusion. i wasnt pushing as it WAS wet, and as far as i remember, i did nothing wrong. the firey said there was a lot of sap on the roads that could of caused it etc... i just have no idea.

    TLDR! crashed, not sure why, any help would be appreciated. the second part is what to do with bike... it slid across the road, hit the embankment and must of bounced back into the middle of the road (where i found it). i have determined that the rear end must of hit it, as it has crumpled up.

    i am just looking for advice on whether or not to make a claim. my cameras batteries are charging, but i will put pics up as soon as they are charged!

    bike damage is as follows:
    left indicators snapped off, as did left mirror
    whole rear end has been bent upwards (due to my luggage rack im guessing)

    as i said, ill chuck some pics up soon, and then start pulling the tail off the bike to try n see if there is any frame damage.

    my gear has sustained little damage, my helmet is scratched so thats a goner :p

    i keep going over and over WHY it happened, so im hoping someone can offer some tips etc on why, and i am so grateful to all those who helped out! and if anyone (once pics are up) can help diagnose my bike, that will be great.

    first proper crash... and managed to come out alright, take care people. ATGATT :)
  2. Sorry to hear about your stack mate.

    If your looking at your bike, what are the tyres like? are they old and hard, squared off,correct pressures? What sort of bike was it?

    Were you under brakes at the time or were you coasting or on the throttle?
  3. sounds like it would be over a k's damage including gear. how much is your excess?
  4. the tyres are a couple years old, the bike was sitting round mostly before i bought it. the pressures were all correct, was a hornet 600.

    im sure i wasnt on the brakes, and as i was going up hill i would of been on the throttle, but not excessively.

    ill look up the excess, cause my policy says $400 but depends if they have extra for under 25.
  5. Was your father behind you at the time? Did he see anything?
    Sorry to hear that, it sux. Good to hear nothing too serious.
  6. Sorry to hear about your fall.
    As you mentioned
    basically sums it up!!
    Could have been anything (eg. smidge of oil) on that bit of road that broke your rear traction.
    All I can say, it is something that could have happened to anyone on any bike.. but if you ride in the wet, my advise would be to make sure you have the right type of tyres on!
  7. Sorry to hear about your off mate, glad to hear you are OK though!

    If you are talking about the first right hander after the water tower then that corner has claimed quite a few bikes even in the dry, compared to the rest of the spur it has very low grip and when wet it can be pretty treacherous...especially when you add to the mix all the lovely logging trucks that go through there and drop diesel...

    Your crash may have been as simple as not seeing some diesel, sap etc and then it spinning up, it happens sometimes you miss things...the good news is your here to post about it!

    As for the bike post some pics and we can make some suggestions
  8. alrighty, excess will be $1300 :( maybe $700... trying to figure out which is the right one!

    heres some pics i took, hopefully they show most of the damage.


    thanks :)
  9. father was behind me, but didnt see it happen (got stuck behind some cars)

    bamm-bamm, it wasnt that first real right hander, it was the half corner going up to the left hander... thus my real confusion, i wasnt even leaning much :S
  10. Old tyres don't tend to have good grip, especially in the wet!
  11. The back end is considerably bent out of shape. I think you might find the insurance company will call it a write off. Definately, I'd be looking to claim with that much damage. By the look of the bend in the seat, I'd say it's worse than you think it is.
  12. +1 on the old tyres
    +1 on the probability of it being written off.
  13. No, but as a conoisseur of old and crap tyres from way back and in a wet climate, I can state pretty confidently that they don't generally dump you on your arse with no warning when ridden as gently as the OP claims. If they did, I'd have hit the deck a lot more frequently than I've managed so far.

    My money's on the crap on the road theory. Maybe better tyres would have helped but, then again, maybe not.

    Agree that the bike is probably a write off.
  14. Wet road and first corner and old tyres? I'd be betting on a diesel spill as a starter.

    Sorry to see the bike so damaged, but at least you're ok.
  15. cheers guys.

    if i had of stacked it fanging around, at least i woulda been able to pin point WHY i went down!

    gonna enquire tomorrow bout an assessment and contact insurance etc...

    was such a fun and pretty toy too, in the short time i was able to ride it :(

    cheers again :)
  16. Oh, BTW, if you've had a sore neck due to a bang on the head, get yourself to your local physio and get it sorted now. I made the mistake of not doing so 20 years ago and I'm regularly reminded of the fact by blinding headaches and/or my neck seizing up.
  17. I am going to guess at either a mix of cold and old tyres add in maybe some mashed in leaf litter into the road surface, but really if you are running good fresh rubber you should still have plenty of grip even in the wet.

    Also remember in the wet everything need to be much smoother, throttle control, braking, steering input and the rider needs to be relaxed as sometimes the bike does move around, and if your not relaxed it also adds to the problem.

    As for damage, well some people spend months building bikes to look like that (ie. real streetfighter) you did it in all of 2.3 secs =D> :LOL: seriously i think i would put it through insurance, glad to hear you walked away from it.

    Cheers stewy
  18. yeah tyres wouldnt of been to warm (had a stop in healsville), i still cant see how old tyres are cause the service book (had when they were put on in there) is under the seat which i cant access for some reason :p

    ive ridden plenty in the wet... thus why i am still confused as to why it happened. when i try and think about it.. all i remember is the first corner, heading up hill then the tyre going :S

    well yeh, i have figured out the quick streetfigher-ing way :p

    working out insurance today, glad i have a day off!

    cheers :)
  19. Firstly, if you are even thinking of making a claim - don't touch the bike! Leave everything in place until it's been assessed. Doing otherwise may void your cover.
    As for the explanation... my vote is with Hornet. Only two things can drop you that suddenly: aquaplaning on deep surface water... or diesel.
  20. Whoa, look at that seat!

    Did the towie pick it up by the Ventura rack???