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First project cb750

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by DanCobby, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. G'day all, well I was originally going to get a cb360 off my grandad but he has decided to keep it for himself.
    So I found myself a 79 cb750k, seems to be in fairly tidy condition.

    Plans are for a cafe racer build with a few modern touches.
    Sport bike front end
    Wire wheels
    Mono shock rear end
    Are probly the main mods I'd like to do.
  2. image. image.
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  3. Looks beautiful. Twin shocks at the back is classic cafe racer, i reckon you'll murder the back end of that beautiful old machine with a mono shock... USD forks and bright gold ohlins at the front would look pretty mean though, and I guess it'll look out of place having trick front suspension and primitive rear shocks... That's a tough one.

    MouthMouth did an absolutely beautiful rebuild of an old 750, if I can find the link I'll throw it up here for you, some beautiful pictures on that thread. Made me want to rebuild my cb400...
  4. Given the extent of the mods you're planning it may not be that relevant, but I've seen a couple of Comstar wheeled bikes successfully converted to wires by machining up a set of rings that bolt up to the Comstar hubs in place of the original alloy spokes. Said rings are drilled for spokes in the manner of the flanges of a pukka spoked hub. It looked surprisingly OK (better than Comstars anyway) and appeared to work well.
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  5. Thanks Steve, I'm still somewhat torn at the moment as to what to do with the front end. I was looking at the mono shock conversion from Kinectic in the states. From my eyes it's kinda the best of both worlds, looks relatively old school while being modern still.
  6. I've seen the conversion plates and I was going to go down that route if it was the last option, but thankfully I have a mate who owns a wheel shop and he said he could probly get me the right hub that allows for spokes. But if all else fails a mate of his can knock up the conversion rings.
  7. That should respond well to some styling ;-) I think a nice pair of Ohlins at the rear would be a better option, but def. spokes.
  8. Meh, me, I'd restore it to dead stock, it was always a good looking bike..
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  9. Hmm. I'd respectfully disagree with you my friend. I'm a Honda guy through and through, but this was always a stop-gap between the old SOHC and the stunning all-new euro-style DOHC models, and looks like a pastiche of the two. That tank! and that tail light! Those sidecovers! It'll never be a collectible ;-)

    Have at it ;-)
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  10. Yeah mate, was never interested in going back to original. Kinda felt bad for the old fella I bought it off. He said he'd hate to know it was going to get modified, so I spared him the trauma and didn't tell him haha.
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  11. I sold my old XJ900 shaftie a while ago, clean bike, matching numbers, all there except for the aftermarket exhaust. Pretty strong bidding for it on ebay. I thought someone's got it who's going to stick in the shed for a few more years........... the bloke comes round to pick it up and shows me his cafe racer plans for it!
  12. IMO.. tank and sidecovers i can live with. The taillight is the demon son of an unborn witch from the furthest pits of hell, born through the forest of the ugly tree's getting batch slapped by every ugly branch on the way out. More horrifying than hillary clinton in a bikini, more terror inducing than the thought of Mal turnbull in speedo's and a tasteful rainbow scarf. yecchhh, ( (runs away squealing like a little girl who stood on an icky thing in bare feet)
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  13. They are some very strong feelings towards a tail light mate
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  14. yes, yes they are but Mrs foot says I'm not allowed to write what I really think..
  15. I dont remember that model ever being available in Oz.
    Boy they were ugly.
  16. I can't imagine what you could've left out haha.
  17. I don't like the ass end much at all, but if I hide the expenses from the missus then it should look a whole lot prettier when I'm finished
  18. There you go. Your first project and you seem to have all your ducks in a row with rule #1. Rule #2 is Plausible Deniability. Don't keep records of out-goings ;-)
  19. I've seen one in real life, the picture does not adequately capture the extent of its 'flaws'.. imo, ymmv etc
  20. Do you mean this bike in particular? Or just this particular model?
    If it's this exact bike, I'd love to hear your input
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