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First post...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fishbulb, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. hello all, im new i guess, just moved here,. last year in scotland riding recumbent bicycles, before that NZ.

    ive ridden bikes almost my whole life, um i guess i should include a ridden list, ok... here goes...

    past bikes

    gn 250
    gpx 250 (a guy in a falcon managed to rip this into 3 bits and not quite kill me... near thing tho)

    i didnt realise it was so many...

    currently i ride a mountainbike to work but im looking at a


    1, cb1000
    2, vf1000
    3, bandit 1200

    or something.... actually im not sure yet but im thinking sport tourer type..

    anyway, this is me... im 32 and a bit corrosive...... (if you dont like it lobby for a block function)(actually there may already be one)

    hello all......

  2. hey fishbulb enjoy the stay
  3. Hi there Fishbulb. :D
  4. awww thanks folks... wow that was quick...lol
  5. First rule of expectation on Netrider; there's ALWAYS someone on-line!
    Welcome fishbulb, and good hunting for a new bike.
    Honda Hornets are a bargain at the moment, 900cc naked bike at $10,990 ride away.
  6. hi hornet.... ive got to admit to haveing looked at a few..but 10990 is out o my league...

    im thinking more 7500ish.... 95 or newer 1000ccish or bigger...

    itll be used for a transcontinental hopefully plus of course touring shopping and commuting, and lots o time 2 up....

    any ideas on bikes are gladly considered as im a bit out of touch...


  7. welcome m8 get the Bandit 1200s stay away from that honda shit :LOL:
  8. go- on thunder.... give me a reason.... honda reliability??
    you own a suzuki?

    or something more ... sinister???

    ive owned a honda and it pulled ok.... (like a bus full of schoolboys actually)

    the bandit , however is cheap and pretty... oh yeah.....
    ( a bike courier in sydney has one and every time i see it im drooling)
  9. The bandit fast good looking, great gearbox,easy to ride,bullet proof engine,and will priced compared to the vf1000 and lighter then the cb1000 and thats why i choose the bandit, :wink:
  10. nice answer, but with good pipes wont a vf sound outrageous?

    im actually pretty sold on a bandit, now all i have to do is actually ride one...
  11. welcome, mate buy yourself a 12.. :D
  12. ouch... i just looked @ 12 prices.... dream bike maybe but dream price for me too...

    oh and cheers for the welcome, the site and its denizens have been nothing but fantastic so far......
  13. pretty good bunch of people on here. and heres a pic for you of the 12..
  14. thanks blue.... OMG...

    did you take that?

    its your bike tho yes?

    im stilll thinking dream bike....
    (is the gloss on the front brake gear(caliper and rotor) flash??? or sun?

    truly fine pic...(wipes drool)
  15. pic on a nother angle..

    Its my bike and i took the pic with my digital camera. And yeah the sun is shining in the right spot. But mind you i am very fastidious with my gear. That bike gets wiped down, including wheels and all the bits after every ride..
  16. Maybe just because i am outside. I have a new sony cybershot 4.1mp. The resolution i took those photos in is quite low so they would email quick. I am sorry to say but it must just be the camera, as i am definately no photographer.. :D
  17. those photos are good. nothing wrong with them fish !
  18. i guess when i get my bike il just have to keep trying for the ideal pic...

    ive taken maybe 500 pics of recumbent bikes over the last year trying to get "the one"....

    touring buddies soon tire of pics when they have to ride their recumbents back up the hill for the third time lol...