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First post!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by AcidTrip, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Hey all! Long time reader, first time poster. My names Tony from Maidstone in Vic. Been floating around the forums the last few years, signed up a few months back and just paid the membership fee.

    I used to ride back in 2007 when I was 18, but a few weeks in I was collected by a cab pulling an illegal u-turn and never mustered the courage to get back on (something to do with the paramedics cutting my helmet off my head maybe ...). Anyways, I'm in love with cruisers so I've decided I'm getting back on next month. Seeing as I never converted my NT license over I need to do my Vic L's again so meh ...

    Was looking at 650s (XVS650, GV650) but don't want to blow the bank just yet, so I'm picking up a near new Hyo GV250 to putt around on for restrictions before going up to a big boy.

    Look forward to seeing what's around and riding with you all eventually!
  2. Hello AcidTrip - welcome back. Nice to have you along.

    Sorry about the cab. I've ridden bikes since I was 8 and now I'm nearly 50. Oh, and I also drove a cab off and on for 23 years. Tough, huh?

    You can get hurt riding a bike, but then you know that. You can get killed too. No matter how good you are. Marko Simoncelli was a world 250cc champion and a rising star of MotoGP. The 2 men who hit him were Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Edwards was a world superbike champion and one of the most experienced riders in MotoGP. Rossi is arguably the greatest racer of all time - 9 times world champion, 7 in the top class. If it can happen to them...

    What we do is not without its risks. Strangely enough, that's part of the appeal of it.

    Mate - follow your dreams. If you want to ride then ride. Get the bike that appeals to you and use it.

    Plenty of NR people in Melbourne. They'll look after you. Good to have you along.
  3. Cheers kneedragon! And I know exactly what you're saying, particularly about Simoncelli. I cringed watching that on Sunday ... Kudos to Rossi for managing to stay on his bike though! That thing wanted to throw him off!

    And definitely keen to ride again. Me and the missus are doing our L's at Stay Upright in Hoppers on Nov 12, and then I'll pick up my bike sometime over the following two weeks. I've still got an old helmet, a pair of Cortech pants and a jacket so I'm all set to go! I know it's only a little 250 but still, it's the best place to start. I was collected on a mates Daytona 650 which was balls to the wall powerful ...
  4. Welcome aboard AcidTrip, got a question for ya.

    1. Are you in IT cause we really lack IT guys in here? :)
  5. *nods*

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  6. Heh, fraid not. Just finished my degree in Civil & Infrastructure Engineering and I'm now a Project Engineer for a big company.

    I can try and find some IT guys though if we need them? =P
  7. oh great, the one thing we need more than more IT guys is more engineers :LOL:

    Just kidding, welcome to Netrider, and welcome back to two wheels.....
  8. Welcome mate. See you @ Saturday morning practice.
  9. Yep. 10 types of people we have plenty of. Engineers && IT blokes. And a few pilots. Several postmen. Couple of riding instructors.

    "Before riding the motorcycle, check for buffer over-runs and SQL_Insert exploits."

    Q: How do I fix a front wheel that's out of balance?

    A: FDSK /MBR
  10. Welcome back to riding & to NR. (y)
  11. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain AcidTrip - there are some real freaks on NR and you need to watch out for them a bit...
    Welcome mate...
  12. NiteKeeper - With that "dress-up" in your display pic, you like you're the dude hiding behind the curtain in the sex show I watched in Amsterdam! Whats up with that? =P

    And sorry fellas, the IT speak is going straight over my head. If you want to talk about the strength of rigid bodies under an applied load I'm more than happy to join in!

    A quick Q, why do people bag the new Hyo's? Of all the 250 cruisers that I've been on so far, the Hyo GV250 EFI was head and shoulders above the rest. I know they used to be crap but they've come a longggg way since. The 250cc gives my 75kg frame a good kick too!
  13. some things are constant on Netrider

    whinging about the Police

    Apple vs PC

    Cornering arguments

    bagging Hyosungs

  14. Ahhhh all good, I'll keep that one in mind then! Guess I'll be their one proponent here then. I'd go as far to say that I even preferred the GV650 Classic over the XVS650. Far more powerful (60 vs 40kW), better riding position and bad ass looks. If only my budget extended that far ...
  15. OMG I think you and I have been to the same sex show! Much better than the ones in Bangkok...
    And the Sex Museum?! I got all the way to the top where they had the "sealed section" behind orange plastic, with a warning that it was a bit extreme - I was thinking it couldn't be much worse than the previous few floors, but boy was I wrong!

    But I digress - just stay clear of the whacko's, join the Hyo lynch mob and you'll do just fine here ;)
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