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First post from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Vfast, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Hi. I'm glen. I'm a mature rider and have had my p's for 6 months. I am riding a honda cb500f. Would be keen for a ride sometime

  2. welcome aboard Glen :] there's lots of rides to be had check out the threads for your state/area
  3. Welcome to NR Glen. But you don't look very old to me.
  4. Welcome Glen. It's not a bad area for riding, the Hunter, so as Jeffco says, check out the local rides and tag along. There'll be riders better than you and less experienced ones too but there's always someone who can teach you something.
  5. Lol thanks - but I said 'mature' not old. I think I'm old anyway at 42
  6. Hi Glen I am in Port Stephens but cannot go on rides these days. I just do short runs around here. I am a full time carer and don't get the time to ride as much as I would like. I haven't seen much from the local riders for some time. There used to be a thread just for Newcastle but it hasn't been active for ages. Keep trying and I'm sure you will get some one soon. Oh! and I am old.
  7. Hi Glen and welcome to the forum :)
    I'm looking for my first bike, and CB500F is on my list. I'd love to hear your comments about your ride, thanks!
  8. Sure - not sure how much you know or your previous bikes etc. I love my CB500F. I like the naked look on bikes and the more upright riding position. I had the option of a CB400. For mine there's a lot of positives about both bikes. But for me, the extra capacity and being able to have a newer design won over. I have no regrets and love my bike. I've ditched the postman exhaust for a IXIL slip on, and also added a Puig windscreen 'new generation' to help with buffet on longer rides. On the longer rides the bike delivers great economy and still has plenty of torque way past legal limits.

    Not sure what else you'd like to know, but if there's something I'm happy to answer if I can.
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  9. Thanks Glen :) These are the exact same bikes I'm tossing between - CB400 and CB500F. I put this question to Netriders and so far had all but one vote for CB400. Great to hear you are very happy with your bike!