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First pillioning for the wife.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. So today I finally convinced my wife of being my pillion.

    We both geared up and after I did a few adjustments to her helmet we went out down Grandview Drive in Newport.

    Those that know that street would know how step and bendy it is so my wife was hugging me so hard I couldn't breath properly, and that plus the laughter caused by her "slow downs" chant was too much.

    I was going at about 20Kph and she wanted me to slow down even more. LOL.

    So we went to have dinner and then back home. This time she was already a bit more relaxed but she is still a bit scared.

    We had a total of about 5Kms round trip but she is getting game enough and asked me to take her to Palm Beach next time.

    It was funny feeling her all confused behind me while turning around corners. She wasn't sure wich of my shoulders to look over.

    I need to get her a pair of gloves as the ones she had where a bit too big. The problem is that her hands are really really tiny. Where can I find some nice protective gloves? We have tried a couple of bike shops but no luck so far.

    I will take a picture of her next time she gears up. She looks so cute with her Stoner helmet.

  2. My Spada is too small to pillion my gf. She would not feel comfortable on it. I need a bigger bike. Her son wants to pillion as well. So does her daughter. Not to sound mean, but I am willing to pillion her daughter (aged 9, nearly 10) because she is the lightest and it would be easier for me to control the bike. Can't afford a bigger bike. Can't afford to buy decent gear and buying gear for a little girl who could out grow it quickly........ not sure if it is worth it.

    Next step is to educate them in what to do whilst riding. I have to learn how to carry pillions.

    Will, glad that you had a great time.
  3. I used to pillion my mom on a 2 stroke 50cc scooter 12 years ago and so my cousin, sister and dad maybe once.

    In Venezuela a 250 is considered a big bike as there are notmany medium size bikes there. It is either under 200cc or over 750cc.

    I think the spada can dink your gf around. My friend used to pillion me on my cb250 when I didn't have the open licence and we are both about 80Kg adult males. I don't think it would have looked quite right but the bike was able to move us both around.

  4. goood work will, did she head butt you much?

    my first pillioning experience was last week pillioning ricecooker on her bike, everytime i took off and shifted from 1st to second she head butted me, hard to be smooth on an unfamiliar bike :LOL:
  5. Her helmet knocked on mine a couple of times but she quickly got the hang of that and adjusted her posture.

    I just want the weather to change so it doesn't look like is going to rain to go out with her again.

  6. get her on the back of th bike and head to canberra will fantastic day down here :LOL:

    oh and there is a memebers bday party on tonight :grin:
  7. Perhaps she was just trying to tell you NOT to keep winding out 1st gear? :LOL:
  8. Have to work tonight :cry: otherwise.... :demon:

  9. Well Done Will :p
    I'm taking my wife with me tommorrow for a short blast around a quiet estate. It will be the first time for both of us.
    She is as nervous as hell ...
    .. but not as nervous as I am :shock:
    Hope I dont drop her .. ( the hornet that is ) :LOL: :LOL:
  10. :LOL: :LOL:

    I was a bit nervous because it had been about 10 years since I last pillioned someone and the KLE is a bit heavy, but it all went all right.

    My wife was like a jelly made woman and I was a bit nervous but acting brave just to give her more confidence.

    Today I bought her a nice pair of Shift leather gloves. She is right to go now. BTW they have the Joe Rocket Mercury leather jackets and some Rivet leather jackets on sale at action parramata $199.

  11. Good stuff munecito. I go for the occassional solo blat, but of the 20k kms on my bike, my wife has probably been on the back for about 16-17k of those (helps that we commute daily on it, but still!).

    We basically use the bike for every trip, unless we need to take or bring back something sizeable.

    Caught in gridlock is (almost) a thing of the past!

    Hope you both enjoy it, happy riding!

    Butz. :beer:
  12. Good luck Will with getting your wife to be more relaxed. I guess nothing beats time confronting fears to overcome them.

    It is good to hear others are concerned about pillions, makes me feel a little better.

    I've been pillioning my teenage girls because they are so keen, and my husband has been pushing so we can do the family ride thing. Only had my licence since Last November. In theory I'd love to but seriously my girls are teens and taller than me (not heavier, but close) and on my 250 their long legs are like armchair rests and I have to hold my elbows in the air to turn. I hope it will improve when I upgrade.
  13. wife pillions

    hey man ,time will tell wheather it s for her or not. I took mine for a stoke the first time 2 years ago .I didnt hear her SCREAMS for me to slow down.Funny ,I didn't think I was goin too fast.I was just cruising. It took about 4 or 5 go's on my cbr 600 for her to decide that she should have her licence .now she has ripped my VFR out from under me and now I have to ride the R1.I love my vfr, and my wife. The sacrifices we make huh.
  14. I don't think she will be riding by herself. She tried on the scooter and gave up. But I won't let her give uo pillioning.

    Will :twisted:
  15. Will

    Send her to do a Pre Learner Course. Then she will get the feel for it.
  16. She did it at hart in Saint Ives, she got her L and took the scoot out a couple of times but she wouldn't go faster than 20kph and that was getting dangerous with car drivers getting impatient. She fell once when she braked while cornering because she panicked.

    So I guess it is not for her. She learnt to drive pretty late (when she was 30) so she is not very vehicle minded.

    Pillioning makes it different because she doesn't need to control anything. Just sit back and relax (well she hasn't got to the relax point yet) :wink:

  17. Well .. so much for THAT.
    One month later ( this morning ) it happened.

    This was a BIG DEAL to us, so If You think it's gonna bore you, please stop reading now.
    My instructions to her:
    Never mount/dismount until I give the ok.
    Feet ALWAYS on Pegs. ( unless its 100% we're gonna topple -then jump) :p
    Be one with me ( follow my lead ie leaning etc )
    No sudden movements
    NEVER grap me above my armpits ( leave my shoulders alone )
    Brace for braking ( hand on my back )
    knock 3 times on my lid ..I'll stop.

    Anyway, was the FIRST time for both of us. Did a few starts and stops to get used to the addition weight etc. ( both feet flatfooted )
    We cruised for only 5 -10 min, max speed 50kmh, a few roundabouts where I was only game enough to go straight, a few bends, a few T-intersections etc.

    I was IMPRESSED. She was very nervous, ( as I was too ), but did all the right things as far as I can tell. Never came close to losing her or the hornet. I felt the extra weight was not such a big deal, and the bike felt well balanced. Although I was a little :eek:hno: at first, I had to appear very confident in order for her to get on the 'trust' wagon. :wink:
    Now I'll try make it a regular thing, as we BOTH need to practice, and most importantly build our confidence. I have a few mths till I'm off restrictions and SO looking forward to those trips down the peninsula for a quick snack/coffee. Nothing would please me more than to have my sweetie take an active part in 'my life on two wheels'

  18. Woohoo Vinnie

    well done
    so far the only pillioning I have done is my kids
    as we take them everywhere with us on weekend rides
    but as my husband rides I have no need to pillion him

    I have pillioned behind him though with bike services, etc and I hated being the one not in control LOL

    many more rides together for you in the future
    the family that rides together stays together :grin:

  19. Now I can't get my wife off the bike.

    Sometimes I am looking for her and can't find it until I go out to the carport and she is sitting in the pillion seat of the bike with her helmet on and making engine noises with her mouth :wink: :LOL: :rofl: :rofl: :---)

  20. Thanks Tracey :)
    Must be great for You guys being able to take the kids along.
    Slowly but surely I am hoping Cindy will share my love of riding.
    I am yet to experience being a pillion myself, but plan to very soon.
    Seems only fair to know 1st hand what it's really like 'not being in control' :eek:hno:

    I like that saying :wink: