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First pics of the Honda V4 ST replacement.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rc36, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. European pics of the bike on test in the Alps somewhere. This looks like the ST replacement judging by the touring gear. It's to be hoped the VFR replacement isn't this "porky"

    Here's a "teaser" for those who don't want to follow the linky thingy.

  2. I'm a sucker for it...
  3. ....I think I threw up a little!
  4. I guess we shouldn't judge till we see it in the metal, but it does look VERY BMW-like, doesn't it?
  5. I'd like to see that headlight in the metal, because at the moment I am thinking WTF?!

    Hopefully it doesn't have a BMW-like price tag, despite that fact that Honda (and no doubt alot of people on this forum) think a 1200cc V4 is bigger than the Second Coming. :D
  6. The ST is supposed to have that horrid protruding lower nose with the crumple zone. This looks closer to the VFR with panniers added, which it will probably come with as well since it's meant to be a practical bike.

    That other part fake picture looks better at the front with those two protrusions on either side of the snub headlight.

    Normally the test bikes are a bit disguised, but that one on the road even has the Honda badges fitted, so it might be close to or exactly it.

    It's possibly a set of purposely leaked of pics.

    Mustn't be long now.
  7. Hey what happened to the GSX 1400? its not in showrooms and I cant find a new one on suzukis website. Do they not make em anymore?
  8. It's been discontinued. Suzuki don't want to spend the money to make it Euro3 compliant, apparently.
  9. They sold bucketloads of the GSX, you should be able to find a nice second hand one for a while!

    That's the new VFR1200 in the photos. It actually just looks like the standard one with panniers.
  10. Butt-ugly ... another reason for me not to return to Honda ... they have nothing to offer to me anymore.
    VTR gone, VFR gone, Blackbird gone ... and all they can come up with as a replacement is this ugly thing?!

    I know, very subjective and just my 2c. I'm a happy Suzuki owner these days ... used to be a Honda fan.
  11. It's more attractive than a Hayabusa.
  12. I dunno... They both aren't pretty.
  13. It could be one of those disguised test mules they use sometimes... That would be my hope, anyway, that they've built a little badass VFR1200 but covered it in big poofy plastic so the press can't scoop them on photos.

    Then again, the paint job looks very Honda. Maybe they ARE trying to combine the ST, the VFR and the CBR1100XX. Fuggerly. Get thee to a streetfighterer.
  14. Thanks rc36 and Quarterwit for your knowledge on the GSX, I was just hoping they were still making them by the time I've had my fun with my ZX-10. As for that Honda in the pics I think it is quite attractive, definately more so than a Hayabusa, man those things are butt ugly.
  15. Mate I'm totally with ya on this one. If I got one I'd rip all of fug ugly plastic rubbish off it and nude it up, who cares if it looks shite underneath it couldn't be worse than what it is now. And at least a 1200 SF would have street cred :D
  16. dunno hard to tell from that pic....the headlight looks interesting and could look great on a streetfight
  17. I don't hold any hope of this bike being a "mule". There appears to be no attempt at disguise at all, and it even appears to be wearing Honda badges, so I'd say that this IS what it will look like.

    It certainly looks "bulky" but, looking at the bike in comparison to the rider riding it, it isn't really that big. For sure, if you compare it to, say a BMW 1300, the rider/bike ratio is quite in the Honda's favour.

    Let's hope so, anyway.
  18. Looking at the wheels, it's not that big at all. Just the wide middle fairing makes it look a bit so, but that just says to me how narrow the thing is under the bodywork.

    It should be rather svelte with the fairing removed during the first week. If I'm cashed up enough when the time comes I'd seriously consider nuding it up.

    I might even practise on a cheap V4 in the meantime.